A Fourier analysis approach to identifying the limit of "Flat" Interpolation by Radial Basis Functions
Speaker:Prof. Charles Micchelli
Distinguished Research Professor
State University of New York
Date & Time:10 Dec 2013 (Tuesday) 10:30
Organized by:Department of Mathematics


In this talk, we refine an approach taken by us about forty years ago, for the study of difference methods for the numerical solution of partial differential equations with least local truncation error, to the problem of the limit of radial basis interpolation as the points become "flat", a subject which has attracted some interest in recent years.


Prof. Charles Micchelli is currently the Distinguished Research Professor at State University of New York. Prof. Micchelli obtained his Ph.D. degree at Standford University. His research interests are concerned with the efficient representation of functions. He is the ISI HighlyCited list of Mathematicians. His recent publications include, A family of penalty functions for structured sparsity, Functions with spline spectra and their applications, Int. J. of Wavelets, Hypercircle inequality with data error(Hide), When is there a representer theorem? etc.