Proteomics and its application in biomedical research
Speaker:Dr. Xinhua Huang
Head of Clinical Cell Lab
Zhuhai Luda Cell Therapy Technology Center
Date & Time:22 May 2014 (Thursday) 17:30 - 19:00
Venue:HG02, Ho Yin Convention Centre
Organized by:Physics Supporting Group


Proteomics as an advanced technology capable of identification proteins in the living organism has broad range applications in various research including novel protein discovery, protein complex and biomarker etc. The lecturer has hand-on experience when in UCLA on his own projects by protein complex identification and consequent cellular functional studies and also for various collaborator' studies on transcriptional factors, parasite proteins, yeast membrane vesicle, post translational modifications etc. The seminar will present the principle of proteomics and successful research examples relied on proteomics result. It will be helpful to many bio-researchers.


Dr. Xinhua Huang, as a postdoctoral researcher in UC Irvine and UCLA in 2003-2009 focuses on breast cancer related DNA damage repair, stem cell related epigenetics and ubiquitination related protein mass spectrometry studies. Dr. Xinhua Huang works in embryonic stem cell, hemapoietic stem cell and other adult stem cell areas with cutting edge technology in protein isolation, protein function analysis, molecular cell cloning and proteomics.