The vision of the Faculty is to be a center for science and technology development and education within the University and in Macau, with an impact extending to the region. The aims of the Faculty are to provide international standard quality programs of undergraduate and graduate education; to be a research active unit advancing the knowledge of engineering and science; and to serve the community and industry as an agent of technological, and educational innovation and advancement.


The Faculty plans to achieve this vision through the pursuit of the following mission:

  1. To lead the University of Macau to become the leading engineering and science institution in Macau.
  2. To provide high quality degree programs of international standards at undergraduate and graduate level.
  3. To promote student-centered educational experience that will enable the development of leaders for our society.
  4. To advance research and scholarship by promotion of excellence in education and professionalism.
  5. To foster collaboration with academic institutions and professional bodies in the region and beyond so as to extend our impact to the region.
  6. To increase our visibility and impact with the local and professional communities.

To achieve the stated mission which has six main goals, subsequent actions leading toward the achievement of these goals are through the advancement of education, research and scholarship, and by improving visibility, communication and services of our faculty. Most importantly, the Facultys ability to realize these goals depends on the accomplishments and support of our people students, faculty members, alumni, staff and partners who share our vision and commitment to excellence. The main theme of our goal achieving actions is defined in one statement:

Advancement Through Evolution