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Year I

MATH1001 Linear Algebra I 3
EDUC1000 Introduction to Education 3
MATH1003 Intermediate Calculus 3
MATH1004 Geometry 3
MATH1002 Linear Algebra II 3
EDUC1022 Theories of Curriculum and Instruction (Secondary Mathematics) 3
General Education Compulsory Course:  
GEST1004 Quantitative Reasoning for Science and Technology 3
Languages and Skills Course(s)*:  
EELC1001 Interactive English I 3
EELC1002 Interactive English II 3
CISC1000 Information Technology Fundamentals and Practices 3
1 Languages and Skills Course*: 3
CHLL1000 University Chinese¬†¬†¬† or  
PORT1000 Portuguese Language I - Introductory Portuguese  
Community and Peer Education Courses:  
CPED1000 Residential College Experiential Learning 1
CPED1001 Physical Education I 0.5
CPED1002 Physical Education II 0.5
1 Free Elective Course 3
Total Credits: 38

Year II

MATH2002 Multivariable Calculus 3
MATH2003 Mathematical Analysis I 3
MATH2005 Probability 3
EDUC2003 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC2038 Elementary Mathematics Teaching & Research 3
MATH2004 Mathematical Analysis II 3
MATH2006 Applied Statistics 3
EDUC2049 Subject Based Teaching Methods (Secondary Mathematics) I 3
SOCY3005 Sociology of Education 3
ECEN1008 Physics I 3
General Education Compulsory Courses:  
GESB1000 Ethics, Values, Law and Society 3
GEGA1000 Macau and Chinese Civilization 3
Languages and Skills Course:*  
EELC1003 Academic English 3
Community and Peer Education Course:  
CPED2000 Communication Skills and Leadership 1
Total Credits: 40

Year III

MATH3000 Ordinary Differential Equations 3
MATH3001 Complex Analysis 3
EDUC3050 Subject Based Teaching Methods (Secondary Mathematics) II 3
EDUC3003 Introduction to Special Education 3
MATH3003 Abstract Algebra 3
EDUC3051 Learning Technology for Secondary Mathematics Teaching 3
EDUC3006 Teacher Ethics and Teacher Professional Development 3
General Education Compulsory Course:  
GELH1000 Chinese Language and Culture 3
General Education Course(s)  
1 GE Course (Area of Literature and Humanities) 3
1 GE Course (Area of Society and Behaviour) 3
1 GE Course (Area of Global Awareness) 3
1 GE course (Area of Science and Technology area) 3
1 Free Elective Course 3
Total Credits: 39

Year IV

EDUC4005 Supervised Teaching and School Experience 6
MATH4000 Elementary Number Theory 3
EDUC4018 School Counselling and Guidance 3
3 Free Elective Courses 9
Total Credits: 21
*Students who test out of some or all of the Languages course(s) are required to make up the credits by taking additional Free Elective(s).
Mathematics Elective Courses:  
MATH3004 Partial Differential Equations 3
MATH3006 Mathematical Analysis III 3
MATH3007 History of Mathematics 3
MATH3008 Introduction to Stochastic Calculus 3
MATH3009 Time Series Analysis 3
MATH3010 Applied Linear Algebra 3
MATH3011 Numerical Matrix Analysis 3
MATH3012 Introduction to Computational Intelligence 3
MATH3013 Mathematical Modeling 3
MATH3014 Topics in Applied Mathematics 3
MATH3015 Introduction to Financial Mathematics 3
MATH3016 Fourier and Signal Analysis 3