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17 Nov 2016
DMAT Professors receive 2 of the prizes at Macao Science and Technology Awards

2 research teams from Department of Mathematics (DMAT), FST, the University of Macau (UM) received the prizes at the 2016 Macao Science and Technology Awards. The evaluation committee conducted strict evaluation of 39 projects in accordance with the Regulations on Awards for the Development of Science and Technology. After a voting process, the evaluation committee suggested that 18 prizes be awarded this year, including 8 prizes in the Natural Science Award category, 6 prizes in the Technological Invention Award category, and 4 prizes in the Science and Technology Progress Award category.

DMAT recipients of the Macao Science and Technology Awards and their projects as below:

Category Prize Recipient(s) Project
Natural Science Award Second Prize Jin Xiaoqing, Vong Seak Weng, Cheng Che Man Preconditioning Techniques for Toeplitz Systems with Applications
Third Prize Dang Pei, Qian Tao Extra-Strong Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Fast Positive-frequency Decomposition of Analytic Signals Based on Analytic Phase Analysis

In Prof. Xiao-Qing Jin, Prof. Seak-Weng Vong and Prof. Che-Man Cheng’s project - Preconditioning Techniques for Toeplitz Systems with Applications, they successfully applied the PCG method to block Toeplitz systems. They established the framework of the convergence analysis for such algorithms. In addition, some mathematical properties of different preconditioned matrices are proved and applications to numerical differential equations and image processing are studied. As generally accepted by researchers in this area, when comparing with other existing methods for solving block Toeplitz systems, they method has the advantages that it involves the least computational cost and covers the broadest range of applications.

In Prof .Tao Qian’s project - Extra-Strong Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Fast Positive-frequency Decomposition of Analytic Signals Based on Analytic Phase Analysis, which is in conjunction with Dr. Pei Dang at Macau University of Science and Technology, obtained a Third Prize in their theoretical and application studies in signal analysis, especially on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principles and analytic signal decompositions. The latter topic is further development of the content of Prof. Qian's First Prize at Macao Natural Science Award in 2012.



獎勵類型 獎勵等級 獲獎人 項目名稱
自然科學獎 二等獎 金小慶、黃錫榮、鄭智文 特殊綫性系統的預處理方法與應用
三等獎 黨培、錢濤 基於解析相位分析的超強Heisenberg 測不准原理及信號的快速正頻率分解

金小慶教授、黃錫榮教授和鄭智文教授的項目 - 特殊綫性系統的預處理方法與應用中,成功地將預處理共軛梯度法應用到大型分塊Toeplitz系統上。建立了這一算法的收斂性分析框架。除此以外,亦證明了各種不同預處理子的特殊數學性質,亦對其在微分方程數值解及圖像處理中的應用作出研究。被同行所公認,與其它求解大型分塊Toeplitz系統的方法比較,本項目建立的算法有着計算量最小及應用函蓋面最廣的優勢。

在澳門科技大學黨培博士的協助下,錢濤教授的項目 - 基於解析相位分析的超強Heisenberg 測不准原理及信號的快速正頻率分解獲得了三等獎。 他們在信號分析,特別是Heisenberg 測不准原理和分析信號分解的理論和應用研究,後者是錢教授在2012年澳門自然科學獎得到一等獎一的項目的延續。