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The Faculty of Science and Technology offers a programme of study leading to the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics. The aim of this programme is to give a high level background in Mathematics that enables students to develop research work in their specific fields.
The current program, launched in 2001, is a replacement of the old programme which had a different coursework structure.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Master of Science in Mathematics program should have a Bachelor degree in Mathematics (depending on the mathematics knowledge of applicants, other areas may also be considered) from the University of Macau or an equivalent one from other accredited universities, or higher institutions.


2 years (full-time study)
3 to 4 years (part-time study)

Programme Structure

A student must complete 8 courses (24 credits) and a thesis for graduation.
    Course Work Component

    Each student  is required to complete a total of 24 credits: 2 compulsory courses and 6 elective courses chosen by the student.

    Master Thesis

    A Master Thesis must report a specialized work developed by the student under the guidance of his Thesis-Supervisor. This thesis must show an advanced knowledge in the student's specific field and demonstrate the ability to develop research.

Courses for the Programme

Compulsory courses

IMAT001 Functional Analysis 3 credits
IMAT002 Real Analysis 3 credits

Elective courses (Choose 6 of the following)

IMAT003 Advanced Numerical Linear Algebra 3 credits
IMAT004 Advanced Probability and Statistics 3 credits
IMAT005 Clifford Analysis 3 credits
IMAT006 Geometry and Its Applications 3 credits
IMAT007 Mathematical Theory of Computational Intelligence 3 credits
IMAT008 Matrix Analysis 3 credits
IMAT009 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations 3 credits
IMAT010 Partial Differential Equations 3 credits
IMAT011 Reading Course I 3 credits
IMAT012 Reading Course II 3 credits
IMAT013 Stochastic Differential Equations 3 credits
IMAT014 Stochastic Processes 3 credits
IMAT015 Time Series Analysis 3 credits
IMAT016 Topics in Analysis 3 credits
IMAT017 Topics in Geometry 3 credits
IMAT018 Topics in Matrix Analysis 3 credits
IMAT019 Topics in Partial Differential Equations 3 credits
IMAT020 Topics in Probability and Statistics 3 credits
IMAT021 Financial Mathematics 3 credits


IMAT999 Thesis