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Year I
Compulsory Courses:  
MATH701 Functional Analysis 3
MATH702 Real Analysis 3
6 Elective Courses from the following: 18
MATH703 Advanced Numerical Linear Algebra 3
MATH704 Advanced Probability and Statistics 3
MATH705 Clifford Analysis 3
MATH706 Geometry and Its Applications 3
MATH707 Mathematical Theory of Computational Intelligence 3
MATH708 Matrix Analysis 3
MATH709 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations 3
MATH710 Partial Differential Equations 3
MATH711 Reading Course I 3
MATH712 Reading Course II 3
MATH713 Stochastic Differential Equations 3
MATH714 Stochastic Processes 3
MATH715 Time Series Analysis 3
MATH716 Topics in Analysis 3
MATH717 Topics in Geometry 3
MATH718 Topics in Matrix Analysis 3
MATH719 Topics in Partial Differential Equations 3
MATH720 Topics in Probability and Statistics 3
MATH721 Financial Mathematics 3
Total Credits: 24
Year II Thesis