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Compulsory Courses: Credits
SCTE801 Research Methods 3
MATH899 Doctoral Thesis 18
1 Elective Course from the following:  
MATH800 Advanced Algebra 3
MATH801 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3
MATH802 Advanced Functional Analysis 3
MATH803 Advanced Matrix Computation 3
MATH804 Advanced Real Analysis 3
MATH805 Advanced Topics in Applied Analysis 3
MATH806 Advanced Topics in Complex Analysis 3
MATH807 Advanced Topics in Computational Mathematics 3
MATH808 Advanced Topics in Geometry 3
MATH809 Advanced Topics in Matrix Analysis 3
MATH810 Advanced Topics in Probability 3
MATH811 Advanced Topics in Statistics 3
MATH812 Advanced Algebra 3
MATH813 Algebraic Topology I 3
MATH814 Differentiable Manifolds 3
MATH815 Engineering Optimization 3
MATH816 Finite Difference Methods for Fractional Differential Equations 3
MATH817 Functions of Matrices 3
MATH818 Harmonic Analysis in Euclidean Space 3
MATH819 Hypercomplex Analysis and Boundary Value Problems 3
MATH820 Introduction to Mathematics for Finite Element Methods 3
MATH821 Mathematical Methods 3
MATH822 Random Matrix Theory 3
MATH823 Riemannian Geometry 3
MATH824 Statistical Methods in Engineering 3
MATH825 Stochastic Analysis 3
MATH826 Tensor Calculus and General Relativity 3
Total Credits: 24