The annual EME Day 2018/2019 organized by the Department of Electromechanical Engineering (EME) of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of the University of Macau (UM), was successfully held at the Multi-Function Hall of UM Guest House (N1) on 6th November 2018. This annual event was coordinated by the EME sophomores with assistance from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Student Chapter, University of Macau Students’ Union, (IMechE-UMSU) and managed by the EME administrative staff. It served as a welcome reception of the freshmen, reunion of alumni, and alumni’s engineering experience sharing to students in Department of EME. There were around 300 participants including students, professors, alumni and representatives of sponsors, which signified the important support from the industry as well as harmony and friendship in Department of EME.

The party started with a welcoming speech delivered by Prof. Chi Tat Kwok, Head of Department of EME, following by the talent shows performed by students. The positive-energy performance amazed all the guests and students with a burst of applause. An alumnus participant expressed that the event venue was grand and the department provided a friendly platform for the connection among the students, teachers, and alumni. In the event, Mr. Chris Chong, representative of the IMechE Hong Kong Branch briefly introduced the institution to the students and encouraged them to actively participate in the institution’s activities.

The success of this annual EME Day 2018/2019 is credited to all the sponsors for their support as well as the help of the Facility Development Section (FDS) of Campus Management and Development Office (CMDO) for providing the show venue. Staff and students are grateful for the sponsors. The sponsors for this year’s EME day includes (listed in no particular order): The Macau Institution of Engineers, The Macao Institution of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Institute for the Development and Quality Macau, Civil Engineering Laboratory of Macau, Companhia De Engenharia Young’s (Macau), Limitada, Engenharia De Design E Consultadoria BUILDPRO Limitada, Sociedade De Engenharia ACEL Limitada, Kam Hou Air-Condition & Electrical Engineering Limited, Companhia De Engenharia KENTO Limitada, Companhia De Engenharia KEKOON Lda., Companhia De Engenharia De Elevadores United Limitada and Macau Industrial Limitada.



澳大機電系衷心感謝各個贊助單位的支持,亦感謝澳大校園管理及發展部轄下設施拓展處能借出場地讓學生舉行此次有意義的活動。贊助機構包括(排名不分先後): 澳門工程師學會、澳門機電工程師學會、澳門發展及質量研究所、澳門土木工程實驗室、景福工程(澳門)有限公司、建和工程設計顧問有限公司、進力工程有限公司、金濠冷氣電業工程有限公司、建滔工程有限公司、科冠工程有限公司、聯合電梯工程有限公司及澳門工藝有限公司。

Group Photo taken in EME Day 2018

EME teacher and students’ happy reunion