The 7th Macau Industrial Products Show has come to its end. In order to cooperate with Macau government in promoting the diversified development of industries and scientific research and education, the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of the University of Macau (UM) participated and exhibited its research products to the general public. The exhibits include an intelligent system for detecting the novel coronavirus pneumonia; a generation of high-speed volatility surface and the asset movement and a system for wireless charging, etc. The development of new existing technologies has attracted much attention in recent years. This Industrial Products Show not only provides valuable exchange opportunities for universities and the general public, but also enhances the cohesion of the industry which assists to find the best way for technological development and industrial diversification in Macau.

One of the exhibits is the intelligent system for detecting the novel coronavirus pneumonia, which can successfully distinguish between the novel coronavirus pneumonia and other common pneumonias with limited training data. Its diagnostic ability is equivalent to experienced radiologists, and the speed is nearly 60 times faster than doctors, it offers a new option for pneumonia detection.

Another exhibit is the high-speed volatility surface generation and asset movement prediction system, which is responsible for supporting high-frequency trading and financial product pricing. At present, the speed of calculating the implied volatility has reached 1 million options per second, which is very important for high-frequency trading. In the near future, the research team at FST plans to increase the calculation speed to 100,000 options every 0.01 second, and generate a new volatility surface and related indicators to estimate the trend of different assets more accurately.

In addition, the wireless charging system developed by FST for charging was dynamic batteries was also displayed in the Show. A mini electric vehicle was charged effectively even through there was 40% misalignment between the vehicle and the charger. Nowadays, many large factories use robots to assist with sorting and transporting goods 24 hours a day. The wireless charging system allows the robots to be charged while working, which greatly increases the work efficiency.

The Industrial Products Shows attracted thousands of visitors in these four days. This FST booth successfully showcased the research efforts of FST to the public, the Faculty wishes to keep working on the edge-cutting research for Macau and the Greater Bay Area, so as to make real and sustained contributions to country.






A group photo of guests, professors and students
at the 7th Industrial Products Show

FST student was introducing the scientific
products to guests and visitors