Year I

Codes Courses Credits
CISC1001 Programming Science 3
APAC1003 Introduction to College Chemistry 3
APAC1001 College Physics 3
APAC1000 Advanced Mathematics I 3
APAC1002 Electromagnetism and Physical Optics 3
Languages & Skills*:  
EELC1001 Interactive English I or free elective 3
EELC1002 Interactive English II or free elective 3
CISC1000 Information Technology Fundamentals and Practices 3
Community and Peer Education:  
CPED1000 Residential College Experiential Learning 1
CPED1001 Physical Education I 0.5
CPED1002 Physical Education II 0.5
General Education Courses:  
GEST1004 Quantitative Reasoning for Science and Technology 3
GELH1000 Chinese Language and Culture 3
************ General Education Course (area of ‘Science & Technology’) 3
Total Credits: 35

Year II

Codes Courses Credits
APAC2000 Advanced Mathematics II 3
APAC2001 Analytical and Environmental Chemistry 3
APAC2002 Modern Physics 3
APAC2003 Inorganic Chemistry 3
APAC2004 Quantum Physics 3
Languages & Skills*:  
EELC1003 Academic English or free elective 3
CHLL1000 University Chinese or  
PORT1000 Portuguese Language I – Introductory Portuguese or  
  Free Elective 3
Community and Peer Education:  
CPED2000 Communication Skills and Leadership 1
General Education Courses:  
GEGA1000 Macao and Chinese Civilization 3
GESB1000 Ethics, Values, Law and Society 3
1 Free Elective Course 3
Total Credits: 31

Year III

Codes Courses Credits
APAC3002 Thermodynamic and Statistical Physics 3
APAC3001 Solid State Physics 3
APAC3000 Materials Physics and Chemistry 3
APAC3006 Semiconductor Physics 3
APAC3005 Physical Chemistry 3
APAC3003 Materials Characterization 3
APAC3004 Optoelectronics 3
General Education Courses:  
2 GE Course 6
1 Free Elective Course 3
Total Credits: 30

Year IV

Codes Courses Credits
APAC4000 Final Year Project 6
General Education Courses:  
1 GE course   3
1 Free Elective Courses 3
4 CS Required Elective Courses 12
Total Credits: 24
Grand Total:   120
Required Elective Course List (each course is 3 credits)**  
CISC1006 Probability and Statistics 3
APAC4001 Electrochemistry 3
APAC4003 Magnetic Properties of Materials 3
APAC4004 Mathematical Methods in Physics 3
APAC4002 Electrodynamics 3
APAC3007 Low-dimensional Physics 3
APAC4005 Micro-/Nano-systems 3
APAC3008 Nanochemistry 3
APAC3009 Organic and Polymer Chemistry 3
APAC4006 Physics of Semiconductor Processing 3
APAC4007 Semiconductor Materials and Devices 3
APAC4008 Supramolecular Chemistry 3
APAC4009 Theory and Modeling of Materials Properties 3
APAC3010 Thin Film Physics 3
APAC4010 Topics in Emerging Materials 3