Research Divisions

Solar Energy and Photo-electric Converting

  • Prof. Zikang TANG
  • Prof. Hui PAN
  • Prof. Shuangpeng WANG
  • Prof. Guichuan XING

Image Scattering Physics

  • Prof. Hou IAN
  • Prof. Hai-Feng LI
  • Prof. Kar Wei NG
  • Prof. Bingpu ZHOU

SBattery / SuperCapacity Energy Storage, Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells

  • Prof. Guo HONG
  • Prof. Kwun Nam HUI
  • Prof. Huaiyu SHAO

Materials Simulation

  • Prof. Hou IAN
  • Prof. Hui PAN

Wind Energy, Light-weight Cement and Cement Gel

  • Prof. Zongjin LI
  • Prof. Guoxing SUN

Facilities and Equipment

Focused Ion Beam (Zeiss Crossbeam 540)

The Zeiss Crossbeam 540 is a Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM) workhorse that is available for both analytical imaging of whole samples and 3D nanotomography of embedded samples. Equipped with a GEMINI II column, this SEM has superb low kV performance, and the ability to fine-tune lens parameters for optimizing imaging quality and acquisition speed. The voltage can be adjusted from 0.02-30 kV (10pA to 40nA probe current) with 3.0nm resolution at 0.2kV, 1.8nm resolution at 1kV, and 0.9nm resolution at 15kV.

Small Angle X-ray Scattering (Rigaku S-MAX 3000)
The Rigaku S-MAX 3000 SAXS system is equipped with a MicroMAX-007 rotating anode generator, a three-pinhole camera system and a two-dimensional multi-wire X-ray area detector. A three-meter, fully evacuated camera provides both high intensity and high resolution. Coupled with a fully integrated two-dimensional multi-wire proportional counter, the system is capable of making highly sensitive measurements from both isotropic and anisotropic materials.

Scanning Electron Microscope (Zeiss Zigma FESEM)

The Zeiss Sigma is a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with Schottky Field Emission (FE) source and GEMINI electron optical column. The instrument has 3 detectors, i.e. an In-Lens Secondary Electron detector, lateral Secondary Electron (SE) Detector and 4-Quadrant Backscatter Electron (BSE) detector. Apertures range from 20 to 120micron and maximum accelerating Voltage is 30kV. The instrument includes a 5-axis (x, y, r, z, t) motorized rotary stage. Sample size as large as 20cm is allowed.

 X-ray Diffraction (Rigaku Smartlab)

The SmartLab is a high resolution X-ray diffractometer (HRXRD) that allows phase identification, crystallinity determination, structures and texture of materials study. Qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis of micro-structural features can be carried out. The system has numerous applications for wide range of materials including powders, thin films, bulk, and fluid samples.

Atomic Force Microscope (Bruker Fastscan)

The Dimension FastScan® Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) delivers extreme imaging speed with atomic resolution and Atomic PeakForce Capture™. FastScan achieves atomic force microscopy imaging without compromising highest resolution, application flexibility, or productivity. The system delivers atomic resolution imaging while simultaneously providing real-time maps of properties derived from the individual force interactions. Whether you scan at >125Hz when surveying a sample to find the region of interest, or at time rates of 1-second per image frame in air or fluids, the Dimension FastScan redefines the AFM experience.

Pulsed Laser Deposition (Neocera Pioneer 180 UHV-PLD)

Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) is a versatile thin film deposition technique. A pulsed laser rapidly evaporates a target material forming a thin film that retains target composition. By controlling the deposition pressure and temperature, a variety of nanostructures and nanoparticles can be synthesized with unique functionalities.

Transmission Electron Microscope (FEI Talos F200X)

The new Talos (S)TEM  ((Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscope ) can achieve atomic resolution in both TEM and STEM mode quickly due to the stability of the instrument which provides high throughput due to minimal alignment time.  In addition, it is equipped with a high speed camera and high speed EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) system which provides elemental maps of a sample in minutes.  Other new capabilities include 3D tomography and Differential Phase Contrast imaging for measurement of electric fields present in samples.

UXA Signal Analyzer 3Hz to 50GHz (N9040B)
See the real performance of your design with wider (to 1 GHz), deeper views of the most challenging signals
Measure the spectral purity of your design with industry-leading phase noise and 78 dBc spurious-free dynamic range across 510 MHz bandwidth
Extend RF input frequency up to 110 GHz with Keysight smart mixers; to THz with 3rd party solutions
Capture intermittent signals with gap-free real-time spectrum analysis
Capture lower-level spurious signals with an improved DANL low noise path

PSG Analog Signal Generator 100kHz to 67GHz(E8257D)
Address your toughest requirements with metrology-grade frequency & level accuracy with excellent distortion & spurious characteristics
Test high-power devices & overcome test system losses with 1 W output power
Address the demanding needs of Doppler radar, ADC & receiver-blocking tests with the PSG’s extremely low phase noise
Characterize devices & circuits by adding AM, FM, PM & pulse modulation to your signal
Meet test system needs up to 1.1 THz with frequency extender modules

Infiniium Z-Series Oscilloscopes
20 to 63 GHz bandwidth models
Get higher timing resolution with fast and responsive 160 GSa/s sample rate
See the truest representation of your signals with the highest measurement accuracy
Capture more of your signal with the industry’s deepest memory (up to 2 Gpts per channel)

Arbitrary waveform generator (M8190A)
14-bit resolution up to 8 GSa/s
12-bit resolution up to 12 GSa/s
Variable sample rate from 125 MSa/s to 8 / 12 GSa/s
Spurious-free-dynamic range (SFDR) up to 90 dBc typical
Up to 2 GSa arbitrary waveform memory per channel with advanced sequencing
Analog bandwidth 5 GHz (direct DAC out)

Precision Source/Measure Unit (B2912A)
Supports two-channel configuration
Minimum source resolution: 10 fA/100 nV, minimum measurement resolution: 10 fA/100 nV
Maximum output: 210 V, 3 A DC/10.5 A pulse
Arbitrary waveform generation and digitizing capabilities from 10 μs interval

Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer (B1500A)
Current-voltage (IV) measurement capabilities of spot, sweep, sampling and pulse measurement in the range of 0.1 fA – 1 A / 0.5 µV – 200 V
AC capacitance measurement in multi frequency from 1 kHz to 5 MHz and Quasi-Static Capacitance-Voltage (QS-CV) measurement capabilities
Advanced pulsed IV and ultra-fast IV measurement capability from minimum 5 ns sampling interval (200 MSa/s)
Up to 40 V high voltage pulse forcing for non-volatile memory evaluation

Digital Multimeter (34461A)
12 measurement functions: DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, 2- and 4-wire resistance, Diode, Continuity, Frequency, Period, Temperature, capacitance
Basic accuracy: 0.0035% DC, 0.06% AC
1000 V max voltage input, 10 A max current input

Qsonica Sonicator (Q800R2AX-220)
The Q800R2 is the 2nd generation DNA and Chromatin shearing system.
Samples can be sheared to a range of fragment sizes (150bp – 3kb). The system is compatible with commercially available sample tubes and is capable of processing up to 24 samples at one time.  Multiple tube rack options can accommodate 50ul – 1ml sample volumes using a variety of standard sample tubes.

AbrasiMatic® 300 Abrasive Cutter

The AbrasiMatic® 300 Abrasive Cutter is a bench-top cutter featuring manual cutting action in 3 directions or automated cutting in 1 direction. This gives the user the maximum versatility to section a wide variety of sample materials, sizes and geometries. It is engineered with innovative capabilities to be used in both production support and laboratory environments.

IsoMet 5000 Linear Precision Saws

The IsoMet 4000 & 5000 Precision Saws cut materials with minimal specimen deformation and low kerf loss. The IsoMet 5000 saws feature a manual blade positioning knob that accelerates setup while clamping a specimen in a large unrestricted workspace. A wide selection of vises allow the user to precisely section virtually any material including metals, ceramics, composites, cements, laminates, plastics, electronic components, and biomaterials.

SimpliMet™ XPS1 Automatic Compression Mounting System

The SimpiMet XPS1 is an electrohydraulic Automatic Compression Mounting System that brings fast cycle times to the specimen mounting process. This efficiency is delivered by optimizing the typical heating and cooling steps in the mounting process.

VibroMet 2 Vibratory Polisher

The VibroMet 2 Vibratory Polisher removes minor deformation remaining after mechanical preparation. It is designed to prepare high quality polished surfaces on a wide variety of materials and applications, including EBSD polishing preparation applications. The horizontal motion of 7200 cycles per minutes produces a very effective polishing action with superior quality results and exceptional flatness. The unique vibratory action produces less deformation, flatter surfaces and reduces edge rounding. It also yields a stress-free surface without the use of dangerous electrolytes associated with electro-polishing.

MetaServ 250 Twin Grinder-Polishers

The MetaServ 250 family of grinder-polishers offers performance, economy and reliability for low volume preparation applications.

Vacuum Impregnation Equipment I

VACUUM IMPREGNATION EQUIPMENT I evacuates entrapped air from specimens.
Without the presence of air, the mounting compound fills the specimen pores and eliminates gaps between the specimen and the compound. As a result, edge retention is enhanced and friable samples are supported during grinding and polishing.

EcoMet™/AutoMet™ 250 Grinder-Polisher/Power Head

The EcoMet 250 family of Grinder-Polishers and AutoMet 250 family of Power Heads has been designed to meet the needs of the materials analyst requiring the versatility of manual or automated sample preparation.

Tukon 1202 Vickers/Knoop Hardness Tester

The Tukon 1202 Vickers/Knoop Series Hardness Testers offer a versatile and user friendly solution for a wide range of micro-hardness scale testing.

VH3100 Automatic Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testers

The Wilson VH3100 Automated Vickers/Knoop Hardness Tester is a revolutionary precision instrument that boasts a powerful load application range of 50gf – 10 kgf, patent pending safety collision technology, and the most advanced optics in the industry. This unique combination allows the Wilson VH3100 to meet virtually
any Vickers/Knoop testing requirement. Innovative digital zoom stepping provides the widest magnification range ever provided on a hardness tester and the long working distance objectives and high accuracy automated stage provide the basis for a truly powerful test system.