Dr. Xu’s research team is comprised of an elite group of students and research associates, who actually conduct the nuts and bolts of the research. 

PhD Graduates from Wayne State University:

  • HY. Shen(2006), JB. Wei(2006), XL. Zhong(2007), S. Fu(2008), MH. Xu (2010), JY Gong(2011),  J. Rao( 2011), XP. Bu(2013),  K. Wang(2015), YD. Wei(2019), GY. Xu(2019)

Visiting Scholars and Postdocs of WSU: 

  • NT. Fong, JW. Zhang, GH. Chen(2002-2004), XB. Zhou(2003-2005, currently with the faculty of Uni of Macau), B. Yu(2007-2009), Z. Kong(2009-2012), HK. Liu, KJ. Ye (2015-2016, currently with the faculty of SIAT), 

Ph.D. Graduates from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences:

  • Aftab Chandio (2015), JJ. Zhao(2019), W. Xiong (2018), BX. Zhao(2020), YD. Liu(2022), KF. Wang(2023, currently postdoc of Tsinghua Univ), ST. Luo(2023, currently postdoc of CMU)

Ph.D. Graduates from University of Macau

  • XJ. Li (2023, currently postdoc of CMU)

For information about recent research teams he is affiliated with, please refer to State Key Laboratory of Internet of Things for Smart CityCenter for AI and Robotics (CAIR) of University of Macau , and Center for Cloud Computing of SIAT, Chinese Academy of Sciences for details.