Derek F. Wong

Associate Professor

Interim Associate Dean (Academic Affairs)

  • Research of Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation, MYRG, MYRG2020-00054-FST, 2021/01-2023/12, PI.
  • Guiding Self-Attention Based Neural Machine Translation with Linguistic Prior Knowledge, FDCT, 0101/2019/A2, 2019/09-2022/08, PI.
  • Research of Chinese-Portuguese Machine Translation Based on Deep Learning, NSFC-FDCT, FDCT/045/2017/AFJ, 2018/01-2020/12, Co-PI.
  • Research on Domain Adaptation for Low-Resource Chinese-Portuguese Machine Translation in Big Data Era: Methodology and Its Implementation, NSFC, 61702203, 2017/01-2020/12, PI.
  • Morpho-Syntactic Modeling for Chinese-Portuguese Statistical Machine Translation (SMT), MYRG, MYRG2017-00087-FST, 2018/01-2020/12, PI.
  • Research on Linguistic Prediction Model with Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning, MYRG, MYRG2015-00188-FST, 2015/05-2018/04, PI.
  • Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation Model for SMT, FDCT, 057/2014/A, 2015/01-2017/01, PI.
  • Domain Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation Based on Graph Propagation, MYRG, MYRG2015-00175-FST, 2015/04-2018/03, PI.
  • Model-Driven Software Development from Requirement Description to Code Generation, FDCT, 103/2015/A3, 2016/07-2019/07, Co-PI.
  • AuTema-ReOrgS – Automatic Reorganization of Structures, MYRG, MYRG2016-00109-FAH, 2017/01-2019/12, Co-PI.
  • Construction of Portuguese-Chinese Parallel Treebank (PCTreeBank) Based on Unsupervised Learning Approach, MYRG, MYRG076(Y1-L2)-FST13-WF, 2013/05-2016/04, PI.
  • Computational Psycholinguistic Models of Second Language Processing and Production, MYRG, MYRG064(Y1-L2)-FSH13-CCM, 2013/05-2016/04, Co-PI.
  • Blind Biosignal Classification (B2SC) Framework for a Multi-Function Health Alert Device, MYRG, MYRG070(Y1-L2)-FST12-CS, 2012/06-2015/05, Co-PI.
  • AuTema-Post-Editing (AuTema-PostEd), MYRG, MYRG058(Y1-L2)-FSH12-ALL, 2012/06-2015/05, Co-PI.
  • Autema – SynTree – Annotation and Analysis of Bilingual Syntactic Trees for Chinese/Portuguese, MYRG, MYRG102(Y1-L2)-FSH11-ALL, 2011/06-2014/05, Co-PI.
  • Syntax modeling & parsing for Portuguese-Chinese Machine Translation and Establishment of Macau Key Research Laboratory in Natural Language Processing & Machine Translation (NLPMT), FDCT, 057/2009/A2, 2010/05-2013/04, PI.
  • Grammatical Inference for Analyzing the Second Language Acquisition of Spoken Portuguese, MYRG, RG060/09-10S/11R/CS/FST, 2010/03-2012/03, Co-PI.
  • Data Mining Model in Analyzing the Acquisition of Portuguese Knowledge for Macau Students, MYRG, RG054/08-09S/CS/FST, 2009/03-2010/02, Co-PI.
  • AuTema-Dis II, MYRG, RG035/09-10S/ALL/FSH, 2010/03-2011/02, Co-PI.
  • R&D of Knowledge-based Machine-Aided Bi-Directional Paragraph Translation in Portuguese-Chinese and English-Chinese, FDCT, 041/2005/A, 2006/09-2009/08, PI.
  • Unicode Encoding of Macao Supplementary Character Set, Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP), 2021~2022, PI
  • All-in-One System (AiO) Consultancy & Development Service, Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO), 2011-2018, PI.
  • License Management System (LMS) Consultancy & Development Service, Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO), 2007-2018, PI.
  • PO Box Automation System, Macao Post Office, 1997-2002, Co-PI