Li Luo (羅力), Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Centre for Applied Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Faculty of Science and Technology

University of Macau

Macao SAR, China

Phone:  +853 65983879   or   +86 13691688103
Office: E11 - 3048

Research Interests

Li Luo’s research interests are parallel algorithms and high performance software for linear and nonlinear partial differential equations, domain decomposition methods, and multiphase flows.

P2Pflow:  a Parallel two-Phase flow solver

We developed a parallel finite element solver P2Pflow for incompressible two-phase flow problems on 3D unstructured mesh. The solver is scalable on supercomputers such as Tianhe2 and Shaheen2 with 10,000+ cores. P2Pflow consists of the following two modules:

Module 1.   A semi-implicit linear solver for the phase-field model with Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes equations, used for the simulation of liquid-gas-solid interaction. Ref.

Module 2.   A fully implicit nonlinear solver for the two-phase flow governed by Darcy law in porous media, used for oil reservoir simulation. Ref.

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PhD in Applied Mathematics, 2017, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong, supervised by Prof. Xiao-Ping Wang

MSc in Applied Mathematics, 2010, Chang’ an University, China

BSc in Information and Computing Science, 2007, Jilin University, China

Work Experience

Sep 2021 – present: Assistant Professor at Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau, Macau

Dec 2017 – Aug 2021: Postdoctoral Fellow at Extreme Computing Research Center, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Jan 2017 – Dec 2017: Assistant Professor at Laboratory for Engineering and Scientific Computing, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIAT, CAS)


•    1st Prize for the 2017 East Asia SIAM Student Paper

•    Best Paper Award, HPCChina2017 (2nd Author)

•    Higher Education Teaching Certificate – Harvard University’s Derek Bok Center

Research Grants

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China – Mianshang Project, 2024-2027, PI

       Title: Parallel Solver with Learning Capability for Large-scale Systems of Nonlinear Equations

  • FDCT funding (over 1 million MOP), Macao SAR, 2023-2025, PI

       Title: Highly parallel preconditioned inexact Newton methods for nonlinear system of equations

  • Multi-year Research Grant, University of Macau, 2023-2024, PI     

       Title: Parallel algorithms for two-phase flows

  • Start-up Research Grant, University of Macau, 2021-2024, PI   

       Title: Preconditioning techniques for nonlinear systems

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China – Young Researcher Foundation, 2018-2020, PI

       Title: Scalable parallel domain decomposition methods for simulation of wetting phenomenon on solid surfaces

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China  / Research Grants Council (NSFC-RGC) Joint Research Scheme for 2015-2019,  CoI

       Title: Highly parallel algorithms for fluid-structure interaction problems and applications

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