Wang-Ji Yan  顏 王 吉

PhD in Civil Engineering, The HongKong University of Science and Technology, 2013

Associate professor, State Key Lab of Internet of Things for Smart City and Department of Civil Engineering

Email:; Tel: (853) 8822-9220

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  • Theoretical development of transmissibility-based system identification, originally proposed by our group, was adopted by a number of recent publications in prestigious journals such as Journal of Sound and Vibration (JSV), Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (MSSP), and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). The PSDT method has also gained significant recognition, with over 60 journal papers adopting it.
  • Professor Michael Beer, the Chair of the European Association of Structural Safety and Reliability, graciously visited our group and delivered two seminars. Thanks for the distinguished guest for sharing his invaluable expertise with us.
  • Dr. Zechao Wang, formerly a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Yan at IOTSC, has been appointed as an associate professor at BeiHang University. Congratulations to Dr. Zechao on this accomplishment!
  • Prof. Yan was invited to be the International Scientific Committee Member of the prestigious ‘XIII International Conference on Structural Dynamics (EURODYN)’ to be held in Hannover in 2026.
  • Dr. Jia Xinyu, formerly Postdoctor fellow at the IOTSC, was awarded as the Germany Humboldt Research Fellowship due to his excellent work in Bayesian inference and reliability analysis, congratulations to Xinyu!

  • A new paper “A hierarchical Bayesian modeling framework for identification of Non-Gaussian processes” was published online in MSSP. Congratulations to Menghao!
  • A new paper “Active learning aided Bayesian nonparametric general regression for model updating using modal data” was published online in MSSP. Congratulations to Wengjing!
  • In the The 15th National Conference on Vibration Theory and Application held in Chengdu recently, a project led by the group was awarded the Second Class Award in the Natural Science category at the Science and Technology Awards from the Chinese Association of Vibration Engineering (7 projects in total won the prize this year). 

  • Dr. Ping Menghao has been awarded the ‘Macau Young Scholar’ Fellowship. He will be conducting postdoctoral research in the group for a duration of two years. Congratulations to Menghao!

  • A new paper “Transmissibility-based damage detection with hierarchical clustering enhanced by multivariate probabilistic distance accommodating uncertainty and correlation” was published online in MSSP. Congratulations to Linfeng!
  • A new paper “Machinery multi-sensor fault diagnosis based on adaptive multivariate feature mode decomposition and multi-attention fusion residual convolutional neural network” was published online in MSSP. Congratulations to Xiaoan!
  • A team consisting of three members from the SHM group and two UG students from the Department of Civil Engineering won the second prize in the ‘Maoyisheng Small Bridge Competition.’ The team was supervised by Prof. Yan and Prof. Lam. Congratulations to Gui Piao, MengKai, and Man Iok Wong!

  • In XII International Conference on Structural Dynamics (EURODYN 2023) held in Delft, Prof. Yan was awarded the prestigious EASD Junior Research Award in the Area of  Compuational Structral Dynamics by the European Association of Structural Dynamics. This recognition is awarded every three year to a researcher under the age of 40 who made outstanding and sustained contributions to the field of computational structural dynamics ( ). Of his work in the past years, the EASD jury appreciated “his innovative scientific accomplishments in the areas of modal identification, Bayesian uncertainty quantification, computational dynamics and structural health monitoring”. Prof. Yan is the first Chinese young scholar to win the EASD Junior Research Award in the past 25 years since its establishment in 1999.

  • Prof. Yan was awarded the Second Class of Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education of China

  • Prof. Yan was invited to be a Member of the Editorial Board for two SCI-indexed international journals (including the ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems with its two parts: Part A: Civil Engineering, Part B: Mechanical Engineering) by Prof. Beer as the chairman of European Safety and Reliability Association; 
  • A new paper “A Transfer Matrix Method-based Closed-form Solution of Sensitivities of Dynamic Properties and FRF for Multi-span Pipes under Complex Boundary Conditions“was published online in MSSP. This paper provided a new method for sensitivity analysis based on transfer matrix method in structural dynamical problems. Congratulations to Zechao!
  • Ms. Zhang Yuntai successfully won the UM postdoctoral fellowship and joined the group as a postdoc fellow. Welcome and congratulations!
  • Prof. Yan co-chaired a Session on Bayesian Inference for SHM and delivered an invited talk entitled “Transmissibility-based System Identification and Structural Health Monitoring for Structures under Complicated Operational Conditions” in the 9th National Conference on Structural Vibration Control and Health Monitoring; 
  • Prof. Yan co-chaired a Session on Moving Vehicle Identification and Bridge Weight-In-Motion in the third National Symposium on Vehicle-Bridge Coupling Vibration and Its Application;
  • Prof. Yan delivered an invited talk “Structural Health Monitoring based on Transmissibility Function subject to Complicated Environmental and Operational Variability” in the 13th National Conference on Random Vibration Theory and Application;
  • Prof. Yan was among two receipts of the Distinguished Young Scholar Paper Award presented by the 13th National Conference on Random Vibration Theory and Application;
  • Dr. Jia Xinyu joined in Hebei University of Technology (a double class university in maninland China) as an assistant professor. Congratulations to Xinyu and sincerely hoping that everything is fine in the future!
  •  A new paper “An Analytically Tractable Solution for Hierarchical Bayesian Model Updating with Variational Inference Scheme” was published online in MSSP. This paper provided a new framework for Hierarchical Bayesian Model Updating based on Variational Inference, and resolved an important issue about the hypercovariance which was not reasonable in the previous papers based on asymptotic approximations. Congratulations to Xinyu!
  •  A new paper “Efficient inner-outer decoupling scheme for non-probabilistic model updating with high dimensional model representation and Chebyshev approximation” was published in Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing online. Congratulations to Mo Jiang! 
  •  A new paper “Bayesian nonparametric general regression with adaptive kernel bandwidth and its application to seismic attenuation” was published in Advanced Engineering Informatics. Congratulations to Wenjing!
  • Mr. Yang DeXi (Bacholar @ Southeast University, Master @ HKUST) joined the group as a research assistant. He has successfully won the Postgraduate Teaching Assistantship and will enroll as a PhD student in August.
  • IOTSC Distinguished Talk Series “Dealing with Uncertainties in Structural Vibration and Health Monitoring” was successfully held in November. Four world-renowned experts inclduing Prof. Chen J.B. from Tongji University, Prof. Au S.K. from NTU, Prof. Costas Papadimitrous from Greece and Prof. Michael Beer from Germany delivered wonderful invited talks during this event. This event also attracted a signifiant number of audiances (more than 150) working in the field of uncertainty analysis. 
  • Our PhD students Mei Linfeng and Hao Tengteng won the Best Poster Award and the Outstanding Poster Award in the Macao Conference on Smart City Technologies 2022. Congratulations!
  • Ms. Yin Yuanwei successfully passed the oral defense of her master thesis. Congratulations!
  • The 13th International Conference on Structural Safety & Reliability (ICOSSAR2021) was held in Shanghai. Prof. Yan co-orgonized and co-chaired a session “Uncertainty Modelling, Quantification & Propagation in System Identification & Structural Damage Detection” together with Prof. Yuen, Prof. Costas and Prof. Beer and Prof. Lambros.
  •  A new paper “An adaptive variational mode extraction method based on multi-domain and multi-objective optimization for bearing fault diagnosis” was published in Strctural Health Monitoring online. Congratulations to Xiaoan! 
  • A new paper “Structural novelty detection Based on Laplace asymptotic expansion of the Bhattacharyya distance of transmissibility function and Bayesian resampling scheme” was accepted by Journal of Sound and Vibration! Congratulations to Linfeng!
  • A new MYRG project entitled “Unsupervised Damage Detection for Bridges Utilizing Statistical Property of Strain Transmissibility under Moving Vehicles and Novel Probabilistic Machine Learning Schemes ” was approved. 
  • Mr. Wong Man Iok and Niu Mengkai joined the group for their master degrees. Welcome!
  • Ms. Zhao Mengyun and Ms. Gui Piao joined the group as a postdoc fellow and a RA. Welcome!
  • A new paper “Estimation of time-varying noise parameters for unscented Kalman filter” was accepted by MSSP! Congratulations to Yusong!
  • A new FDCT project entitled “Key Technologies and Demonstration Application of Intelligent Health Monitoring and Maintenance Decision-Making for Bridges in Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin” was approved. 
  • Prof. Yan was awarded to be the recipient of the U-level “2021/2022 Incentive Scheme for Outstanding Academic Staff”.
  • Two Chinese invention patents working together with master students previously were approved by China National Intellectural Property Administration.
  • The FYP sutdent Wong Man Iok was selected for the FST Dean’s Final Year Project List. Congratulations!
  • Ms. Zhang Lele successfully passed the oral defense of her master thesis. Congratulations!
  • Two UG students Wong Man Iok  and Liu Ruiming successfully passed the FYP report oral defenses. Congratulations!
  • Dr. Ping Menghao formerly conducting researches under the supervision of Prof. Han Xu joined the group as a postdoc. Wamely welcome!
  • A new paper entitled “Monitoring gross vehicle weight with a probabilistic and influence line-free bridge weight-In-motion scheme based on a transmissibility-like index” was appceted by MSSP. Congratulations to Tengteng!
  • A new paper entitled ” Bayesian inference for the dynamic properties of long-span bridges under vortex-induced vibration with Scanlan’s model and dense optical flow scheme” was appceted by MSSP.
  • Dr. Jia Xinyu formerly conducting researches under the supervision of Professor Costas Papadimitriou joined the group as a postdoc. Warmly welcome!
  • A new FDCT project entitled “Probabilistic Machine Learning for Evolution Law Tracking and Intelligent Detection of Fatigue Damage for High-Speed Railway subjected to Multiple Uncertainties” was approved.
  • A new paper entitled “Analytical investigation into error propagation of power spectral density transmissibility (PSDT) based on coherence function” was appceted by JSV.  Congratulations to Sun Qian.
  • A new paper entitled “A Model-Driven Scheme to Compensate the Strain-Based Non-Intrusive Dynamic Pressure Measurement for Hydraulic Pipe” was appceted by IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. Congratulations to Zechao!
  • Our paper published in MSSP entiled ‘Transmissibility-based system identification for structural health monitoring: Fundamentals, approaches, and applications’  was featured as the most cited articles in MSSP since 2018.
  • Our paper published in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics entiled ‘Uncertainty quantification for system identification utilizing the Bayesian theory and its recent advances’  was featured as the most cited articles in AMM. 
  • Dr. X.A. Yan was selected as  Macao Youth Scholar (25 in total this year). Congratulations!
  • Three PhD students  (L.F. Mei, J. Mo and J.Z. Zang) and two master student (H.Y. Wu and S.R. Li) joined the group. Welcome!
  • Prof. Yan was invited to present a Keynote Speak  ‘Transmissibility-based System Identification for Structural Health Monitoring: Theory, Practices and Applications’ in the National Conference on Modal Analysis held in Guizhou.
  • Prof. Yan delivered an Invited Talk ‘Fast Bayesian Model Updating with Advanced Stochastic Simulation, Metamodeling and Distributed Parallelization Strategies’ in the 8th International Conference on Vibration Engineering held in Shanghai.
  •  A MYRG project entitled “Intelligent Nondestructive Testing Technologies for Composite Structures based on Hierarchical Bayesian Learning Scheme and Advanced Modelling of Ultrasonic Wave Interaction with Nonlinear Damage” was approved. 
  • Prof. Yan was invited as reviewer for the National Science and Technology Awards
  • Prof. Yan delivered an Invited Talk ‘Transmissibility-based System Identification for Structural Health Monitoring under Stochastic Excitation: Theory, Approaches and Applications’ in the 12th National Conference on Stochastic Vibration and Application held in Chongqing.
  •  A FDCT project entitled ” Bayesian Time-Varying Approach for Modal Identification and Long-term Evolution Analysis for Bridges subject to Complex Operational Environments” was approved. 
  • The paper ‘A fast Bayesian inference scheme for identification of local structural properties of layered composites based on wave and finite element-assisted metamodeling strategy and ultrasound measurements’ was selected as as a key scientific article contributing to research excellence by Advances in Engineering selection committee.


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