Wai-Meng QUACH, 郭偉明 (Stephen)
Associate Professor  (wmquach@um.edu.mo)
Links: https://www.fst.um.edu.mo/people/wmquach/
Impactio Academic Ranking: Top 0.01% in Structural Engineering, Top 0.03% in Materials Science, & Composite Material
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郭偉明, 澳門大學土木與環境工程系副教授, 博士生導師, 國際期刊《Advances in Structural Engineering》副主編, 以及中國國家科技計劃專家庫專家(結構工程)。 從2013-2016年間, 擔任澳門大學土木與環境工程系系主任, 也曾任澳門金屬結構學會創會理事長(2007-2010)。 在擔任系系主任期間(2013-2016)他領導工程系建立了一個健全的學術品質體系, 以提高課程品質。 在2016還帶領工程系為土木專業本科課程取得香港工程師學會的工程專業課程認證, 同時獲得《華盛頓協議》的認可^。 郭教授是鋼結構、不銹鋼結構、和殘餘應力方面的專家, 尤其針對由冷成形過程所引致的幾何缺陷、殘餘應力和冷作硬化效應對鋼結構性能的影響作深入研究。 其研究領域還涉及:鋼構材三維列印技術, 金屬材料應力應變行為, 鋼結構連接頭的力學特性, 提出先進數值模型及理論模型類比冷彎鋼構件(鋼管、鋼槽)生產過程, 以及測量模擬殘餘應力和幾何缺陷。 作為項目負責人, 先後主持澳門科學技術發展基金及國內外 (包括:馬來西亞教育部基礎研究基金項目、廣東省實驗室重大專項團隊項目)11項課題。 在相關領域發表60餘篇期刊及會議論文H-指數超過 20(Google Scholar)、17(WOS, Scopus), 總引用超過1000次, 單篇最高引用超過200 (Impactio Academic Ranking** : Top 0.01% in Structural Engineering, Top 0.03% in Materials Science, & Composite Material, respectively)。 由於對他在不銹鋼結構方面的專門知識被同業的認同, 他受到英國鋼鐵建築學會(SCI)的邀請, 在2012年的國際專家研討會(4th International Experts Seminar)上作專家報告。

 ** Impactio is America’s leading platform in academic impact analytics and scientific networking.

 ^ As the usual practice, only top 30% universities in a country can receive this recognition for their engineering programmes with a high academic quality.

Prof. Wai-Meng Quach (Stephen) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at the University of Macau, and an Associate Editor for “Advances in Structural Engineering – An International Journal”. He is also an Expert (Structural Engineering) in the National Science and Technology Programs Expert Database, China. He was the Head of the CEE Department at the University of Macau (2013-2016), the founding Chairman of Executive Board of the Macau Society of Metal Structures (MSMS, 2007-2010), and the Honorary Advisor of the Macau Construction Association (MCA, 2008-2010).

   His research interests include steel/stainless steel structures, cold-formed metal structures, 3D printing in construction, residual stresses, cold-forming effect, steel fabrication, and structural repair. He has been the principal investigator (PI) of some internal and external research projects funded by the Fundo para o Desenvolvimento das Ciências e da Tecnologia (FDCT) of Macao S.A.R, the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) of the Malaysia Ministry of Education, and the Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory. Findings from these projects already led to the publication of two proceedings and over 60 papers in journals and conferences. His H-index: over 20 (Google Scholar), 17 (WOS, Scopus). His total citations: over 1000. The highest citations of a single paper: over 200. Impactio Academic Ranking** : Top 0.01% in Structural Engineering, Top 0.03% in Materials Science, & Composite Material, respectively. 

   Prof. Quach received his BSc degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Macau, his Master degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Manchester (known as University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology – UMIST before October 2004), and his PhD degree in Civil Engineering from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2005. In 1996, he was awarded a Top-Student Prize from UMIST for his outstanding performance in his graduate study. Immediately after he graduated from UMIST in 1997, he obtained an academic position at the University of Macau.

  As the recognition of his academic contributions, he has been invited to give public lectures and to serve as the session chair in some international and technical conferences/symposiums, including an invited presentation in the 4th International Experts Seminar* organized by The Steel Construction Institute (SCI)#. He has also been being active in organizing academic activities. He has been the chairman, co-chair and member of the International Scientific Committee, organizing committees and editorial committees of some international and technical conferences/symposiums. He also serves as a reviewer (or examiner) for some research grant proposals, international journals, and conferences.

   Prof. Quach has been devoting his time in the education, program development and improvement over the past decades. He was the Department head, the Faculty Coordinator and Departmental Coordinator for the Engineering Program Accreditation in years 2010~2016. As the head of department, he led the department to complete the full accreditation exercise of the BSc programme in Civil Engineering, and achieve the full accreditation of the programme over 5 professional disciplines (including “Structural”, “Geotechnical”, “Building”, “Civil”, and “Logistics and Transportation” disciplines) granted by the HKIE under the recognition of the Washington Accord^ in year 2016.

   Since 1997, he has taught a wide range of subjects at the University of Macau (UM), both within and outside structural engineering, from fundamental engineering disciplines to design courses. He has also developed some new courses on design aspects and successfully supervised various research projects for final year undergraduate students and graduate students. As a result of his supervision, three of his undergraduate students have received Ocean-Tech Awards due to their excellent performance in thesis work and the research outcomes from his graduate students have been published in journals and conferences (including invited lectures). He was also the technical advisor and team leader of three UM undergraduate teams participating the Inter-University Invitational Civil Engineering Competition in 2004 (http://www.umac.mo/um_news/issue_16/campus3.html), and one UM team was ranked as the fourth position among 20 teams from some universities in Asia.

   Prof. Quach has also been devoting his time in the university and community service. He was the Student Advisor of the CEE Department for the FST Training and Placement Network in years 2008~2013. He was the Faculty Representative in the Staff-Student Consultative Committee in years 2005 and 2006. In September 2008, he also visited Sichuan to serve as the technical advisor for Sichuan Post-disaster School Reconstruction Project hosted by DSEJ Macao S.A.R. Since 1999, he has served as the member of the Organizing Committee and Referee Panel for Macau High School Fun Science Competition over many years, in order to promote science and engineering in high schools.

 * As the recognition of Prof. Quach’s expertise in stainless steel structures, he was invited by The Steel Construction Institute (SCI)# to give a presentation in the 4th International Experts Seminar. This international experts seminar happens once every 4-5 years and is an invitation-only event, a small group of experts (22 experts) over the world are invited to present their recent research advances in the field. The aim of this seminar is to enable technical experts to meet together and share recent advances in the understanding of the behavior of structural stainless steel.

 # The Steel Construction Institute (SCI) is a world leading provider of technical expertise and disseminator of best practice to the steel construction sector for the effective use of steel in design. It provides essential engineering consultancy and extensive specialist technical knowledge to support product development activities for steel construction. SCI’s industry defining design guides and Eurocode advice are renowned. The current steel design code in Macau is also developed on the basis of Eurocodes.