Welcome TO Human LAB

Welcome to the HUMAN LabHuman-like Understanding and Modeling in Autonomous Navigation! We are thrilled that you have clicked on our website and shown interest in our cutting-edge research in the field of autonomous driving and intelligent transportation.

Led by Zhenning Li, our lab is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of autonomous navigation by emphasizing human-like understanding and modeling. We firmly believe that for autonomous vehicles to seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, they must not only possess exceptional technical capabilities but also exhibit a profound understanding of human behavior and the complex dynamics of real-world environments.

Thank you for visiting the HUMAN Lab, where human-like understanding and modeling drive the future of autonomous navigation!


NOTE: Due to the large number of applicants, please understand that I’m unable to respond to each one individually. Additionally, I’m looking for applicants with strong capabilities in deep learning programming or reinforcement learning.

We have an exciting opportunity available for exceptional and highly motivated candidates seeking Ph.D. and Post-doc Fellow positions. We are looking for individuals who are intellectually curious and driven. No entrance exams are required. Applicants must have obtained an English CET 6 (430 for students from mainland China) or provide TOEFL (550)/IELTS (6) scores as proof of English proficiency.

1. We offer a Recommended Direct Admission (招收推薦免試攻讀博士學位及碩士學位課程) with application deadlines in August (1st batch) and October (2nd batch) of each year. More details can be found on the graduate school website.

2. For the Ph.D. Program, applicants should hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree with a strong academic record (Minimal requirement: B.S. in TOP 211 university). Excellent candidates will be awarded the UM Macao PhD Scholarship (MOP 20,000 per month) and Ph.D. Assistantship (up to MOP 14,000 per month). The application deadlines are in February and May of each year.

3. If you’re interested in a Post-doctoral fellow position, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. All eligible applicants will be funded by the UM Macao Postdoctoral Fellowship (MOP 40,000 per month) and Postdoctoral Associateship (MOP 28,000 per month). Applications for this position are accepted throughout the year.

4. We also have opportunities for IoTSC Funded Ph.D. students and Post-doc fellows specializing in Connected and Autonomous Driving, Deep Learning for Intelligent Transportation, and Traffic Safety. The application deadline for the first batch is 25th August. The Ph.D. Scholarship offers MOP 12,500 per month, and the Post-doc Associateship provides MOP 25,000 per month.

If you’re interested in any of these positions, we encourage you to contact us via email (zhenningli@um.edu.mo).