Location E11-G018
Academic Staff in charge Prof. Chi Kong WONG
Technician Wai Hei CHOI, Hei
Telephone (853) 8822-4282
Open Access Reservation Period Monday: 9:00 – 13:00
Tuesday: 9:00 – 13:00


To provide practices for undergraduate students and support for graduate students to research into operating performance of various types of DC and AC machines and transformers.


The laboratory is equipped to provide 27 experiments, inclusive of DC generator, DC motor, synchronous generator, synchronous motor, slip-ring induction motor, squirrel cage induction motor, pole-changing induction motor, universal motor, split-phase induction motor, repulsion motor, Schrage motor, repulsion-induction motor, transformer, etc. This laboratory is flexible in that it has the following distinguishing features

  • It is convenient to use the separated small AC and DC adjustable supplies-power packs.
  • Torque meters indicate the torque value and speed and then the pulley power can be reckoned out. In addition, torque meters are used not only as load but also as prime-movers.
  • All machines and devices have small capacity and are lightweight, so they are of energy-saving and very easy to mount or dismantle.
  • If adding some dynamic-measurement devices and elements, this laboratory can also be used to research into electric power systems and transients of electric machines and transformers.

Many graduate and research projects such as the oscillation of synchronous machines and their system, variable-frequency operation and double-fed operation of induction motors, energy-saving operation of induction motors, investigation and protection of inner fault in electric machines, investigation of special electric machines, etc. are performed in this laboratory.



  • No load test, short circuit test, DC test and load characteristics of transformers
  • No load test, short circuit test, DC test and load characteristics of synchronous machines
  • Locked-rotor test, no load test, DC test and load characteristics of induction machines
  • Starting of induction machines
  • Others dependent in the request of course instructors

Courses supported

ELEC341 Electrical Machines
ELEC331 Advanced Topics on Electrical Machines
ECEB220 Electric Machines
ECEB454 Renewable Energy Conversion
ECEB455 Power System Design and Implementation
ECEB358 Electric Drive
ECEB410 Design Project I
ECEB420 Design Project II