Location E11-1031
Academic Staff in charge Prof. Yuan Yan TANG
Technician Hok Lam SIO, William; Francisco DE OLIVEIRA
Telephone (853) 8822-2527
Open Access Reservation Period Wednesday: 9:00 – 17:00


Our research  primarily  focuses  on  pattern recognition and image processing, which is now definitely playing a very major role in advanced machine intelligence in the 21st century. Making computers see and recognize objects like humans has captured the attention of many scientists in the world. The research topics include, but not limited to, the processing and recognition of different patterns (images) such as biomedical images, hyperspectral images, human faces, irises, fingerprinting, printed and handwritten characters, machine learning, gesture and behaviour analysis, human computer interaction, etc.



  • Dell Optiplex & HP Elite Desktop Computers with Intel i7CPU

OS Platform

  • Windows 7, Windows 10 and Linux


  • HP LaserJet Printer