Programme Educational Objectives

These programme educational objectives (PEO) describe the career and professional accomplishments that we prepare our graduates to achieve after completion of the undergraduate electrical and electronics engineering program.

  1. Problem Solving: Graduates have the ability to think in a critical and evaluative manner and to consider a broad perspective, in order to solve technical and (or) nontechnical problems.
  2. Leadership and Communication: Graduates train to strengthen their leadership, act in an ethical manner and skills will include the ability to communicate well and to work successfully within diverse groups.
  3. Market Acceptance: Graduates will understand the careers in the academic environment, industrial and government organizations.
  4. Technical Competence: Graduates will be technically competent and have a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of math and science in engineering and experience in engineering design. They will be able to use modern engineering techniques, skills, and tools to fulfill societal needs.


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