Year I 
Codes Courses  Credits
ECEN1000 Digital Systems 4
ECEN1001 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering 1
ECEN1003 Information Technology Revolution and Electronics 1
ECEN1004 Embedded Systems 3
ECEN1005 Circuit Analysis 4
ECEN1007 Computer Programming and Network Fundamentals 3
ECEN1008 Physics I 3
MATH1003 Intermediate Calculus 3
Community and Peer Education Courses:
CPED1000 Residential College Experiential Learning 1
CPED1001 Physical Education I 0.5
CPED1002 Physical Education II 0.5
Languages and Skills Course(s)*:
EELC1001 Interactive English I 3
EELC1002 Interactive English II 3
CISC1000 Information Technology Fundamentals and Practices 3
General Education Courses:
GEST1004 Quantitative Reasoning for Science and Technology 3

Total Credits:   36



Year II 
Codes Courses  Credits
ECEN2000 Signals and Systems 4
ECEN2001 Measurement and Instrumentation 3
ECEN2002 Electric Machines 3
ECEN2003 Fundamental Electronics 3
ECEN2004 Discrete Structure 3
ECEN2005 Electromagnetism 3
ECEN2015 Applied Electronics 3
MATH2000 Engineering Mathematics I 3
ECEN1010 Physics II 3
Community and Peer Education Courses:
CPED2000 Communication Skills and Leadership 1
Languages and Skills Course(s)*:
EELC1003 Academic English 3
General Education Courses:
1 GE course (Area of Science and Technology) 3

Total Credits:   35



Year III 
Codes Courses  Credits
ECEN3000 Control Systems 3
ECEN3001 Digital Signal Processing 3
ECEN3008 Power Systems Analysis 3
General Education Courses:
GESB1000 Ethics, Values, Law and Society 3
GEGA1000 Macao and Chinese Civilization 3
7 Electrical and Computer Engineering Required Electives 21

Total Credits:   36



Year IV 
Codes Courses
ECEN3002 Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminars 1
ECEN4000 Graduation Project I 3
ECEN4001 Graduation Project II 3
STGC3000 Work-Integrated Education 3
1 Languages and Skills Course*:
CHLL1000 University Chinese    or
Portuguese Language I – Introductory Portuguese
General Education Courses:
GESB1000 Ethics, Values, Law and Society 3
1 GE Course (Area of Literature and Humanities) 3
1 GE Course (Area of Society and Behaviour) 3
1 GE Course (Area of Global Awareness) 3
3 Electrical and Computer Engineering Required Elective (RE) Courses 9

Total Credits:     34


^ Electrical and Computer Engineering Elective Courses (Total 30 credits, please refer to the remarks in the next page)

Discipline Group A: Biomedical Engineering  
ECEN3003 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering 3
ECEN3004 Fundamental Bio-Electricity 3
ECEN3005 Biomedical Electronics 3
ECEN3006 Introduction to Biomedical Signal Analysis 3
ECEN4004 Biomedical Measurement and Instrumentation 3
ECEN4005 Introduction to Biomedical Imaging 3
Discipline Group B: Electric Power Engineering and its Automation  
ECEN3007 Power Electronics 3
ECEN3009 Power Quality and Energy Saving 3
ECEN3010 Power Electronics Design and Implementation 3
ECEN3011 Electric Drive 3
ECEN4006 Renewable Energy Conversion 3
ECEN4007 Power System Design and Implementation 3
Discipline Group C: Microelectronics Discipline  
ECEN3017 Analog Integrated Circuit Design 3
ECEN3018 Introduction To Data Converters 3
ECEN3019 Introduction To Radio-Frequency Circuits and Systems 3
ECEN3020 Advanced Topics in Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design 3
ECEN3022 Advanced Integrated Circuit Design for Internet of Things Systems 3
Discipline Group D: Wireless Technology Discipline  
ECEN3012 Principles of Communication Systems 3
ECEN3013 Radio Frequency and Microwave Techniques for Wireless Systems 3
ECEN3014 Antenna Theory and Applications In Wireless Communications 3
ECEN3015 Cellular Communication Network Design And Optimization 3
ECEN3016 Introduction to Wireless Technology for Digital Game 3
ECEN4008 Introduction to Wireless Sensing Network 3
ECEN4009 Microwave and Millimeter Wave System Design 3
Group E: Mathematics and Science  
ECEN2006 Numerical Method and Computation 3
ECEN2007 Probability and Statistics 3
ECEN2008 Linear Algebra for Electrical and Computer Engineering 3
ECEN2009 Biology 3
ECEN2010 Semiconductor Device Physics 3
Group F: General  
ECEN1006 Engineering and Society 3
ECEN2011 Introduction to Electro-Robot Design 3
ECEN3021 Multimedia Technology 3
ECEN3023 Intelligent Methods for Electrical and Computer Engineering 3
ECEN3024 Internet of Things Workshop I 3
ECEN3025 Internet of Things Workshop II 3
ECEN4002 Digital Control 3
ECEN4003 Special Topic in Electrical and Computer Engineering 3



*Students who test out of some of the Languages course(s) are required to make up the credits by taking additional Free Elective(s).

^ Students are required to select 10 courses in the above ECE Required Elective Course Groups with the following rubrics:

–  1 course from each of Group A-F 18 credits
–  1 more course from one of the Discipline Group A-D 3 credits
–  3 more courses freely selected from all the Groups A-F 9 credits
    Total: 30 credits

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