Codes Courses  Credits
Compulsory Courses:  
ELCE701 Introduction to Research 3
ELCE702 Advanced Mathematics 3
6 elective courses chosen from the elective table 18
ECOM702 Computer Networks and Internet 3
COIS702 Computer Communications and Networks 3
ECOM709 Internet Security and Cryptography 3
ECOM710 Electronic Payment Systems 3
ECOM711 Smart Card Technology & Applications 3
ELCE703 Transient of Electric Machines 3
ELCE704 Microelectronic Circuit Design 3
ELCE705 Digital Signal Processing 3
ELCE706 Active Network Theory 3
ELCE707 Advanced Topics in Control Systems 3
ELCE708 Advanced Topics in Simulation 3
ELCE709 Expert Systems 3
ELCE710 Special Operation Modes of Electric Machines and Power Systems 3
ELCE711 Microelectronics for Telecommunication and Signal Processing 3
ELCE712 Laser and Semiconductor Physics 3
ELCE713 Advanced Topics in Telecommunications 3
ELCE720 Flexible Alternative Current Transmission System (FACT/DFACTS) 3
ELCE721 Embedded System 3
ELCE722 Advanced Topics in Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits 3
ELCE723 Biomedical Transducers and Instruments 3
ELCE724 Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage 3
ELCE725 Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering 3

Total Credits:   24

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