Wireless Technology

Research Focus

  • Antenna and circuit design

Research on antennas and arrays with low profile, high gain, wide bandwidth, wide beamwidth, and multi-functionalities for 5G, IoT, radar, etc.; planar RF and microwave circuits with compact size, wide bandwidth, and multi-passbands for advanced wireless systems; an RFID system.

  • Communication and signal processing

Research on communications and signal processing encompasses wireless transmission techniques, energy harvesting, IoT, UAV communications, etc. The fundamentals of this line of research include communication and information theory, statistical signal processing. Ongoing research projects in the area include SWIPT, mmWave Communications, edge computing, IRS, etc.

  • Wireless networking

Research on wireless network and communication system, mobile crowd sensing network, vehicular ad hoc network, mobile data offloading network, IoT, etc. The main focuses include system optimization, incentive mechanism design, protocol design, resource allocation and scheduling, etc.

Relevant Faculty Members

Name Office Location Contact Number Email
Prof. Lei ZHU E11-3042 (853) 8822-4479
Prof. Kam Weng TAM E11-3044
(853) 8822-4373
Prof. Wai Wa CHOI E11-3036 (853) 8822-8468
Dr. Pedro CHEONG E11-3054 (853) 8822-8058
Prof. Shaodan MA E11-3047 (853) 8822-8470
Prof. Fen HOU E11-3051 (853) 8822-8548
Prof. Qingqing WU N21-1015 (853) 8822-9978

Relevant Laboratories

Highlights and Projects

  • 6G White Paper: “White paper on broadband connectivity in 6G”, Prof. Qingqing Wu
  • Qingqing Wu is recognized as World’s Top 2% Scientists, Released by Stanford University.
  • Research on Multi-Mode Resonance Structure and Its Application in Wideband Microwave Circuits, Prof. Lei Zhu, Prof. Kam Weng TAM, Prof. Wai Wa CHOI,
  • Research on key technologies of UHF RFID antennas for intelligent public asset Management, Prof. Kam Weng TAM

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  • Room E11-4040, E-11-3032
    Faculty of Science and Technology,
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