• ECEN8001 Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Convex Optimization and its Application in Energy Systems)
  • ECEN4003 Special Topic in Electrical and Computer Engineering — Energy Data Analytics (Machine Learning in Energy Systems)



Nov 16, 2022, our group (Yonghua Song, Man Chung Wong, Hongcai Zhang, Ningyi Dai, and Keng Weng Lao)  won the second prize of the Macao Science and Technology Award – Natural Science Award. Our students, Ge Chen (Phd) and Qilin Hou (master), won the  Scientific and Technological R&D Award for Postgraduates. Cheers!


Nov 13, 2022, Zhenyi Wang received the Best Paper Award at the 6th IEEE Conference on Energy Internet and Energy System Integration (EI2). Cheers! 

Sep 8, UM, China Southern Power Grid build joint laboratory to promote research and development of carbon-neutral power and energy systems, check the exciting news


May. 21, 2022, retreat at Zhuhai, closing spring semester of 2022

Nov 29, 2021, UM official media spotlights our research on low-carbon energy systems. Check the newsletter in Chinese or English!

Nov 25, 2021, local media, Macao Daily, highlights our research on “Carbon Neutrality” and “electric vehicles” in Macao. Check the news here (carbon) and here (EV)!

Nov 19, 2021, our students, i.e., Lingming Kong, and Jinxi Zhang, won the Award of Excellence in the  2021 X-Game Shanghai New Energy Vehicle Big Data Competition. Prof. Hongcai Zhang received the Best Mentor Award as the supervisor. Check the exciting news in Chinese or English!

Nov 10, 2021, Hongcai Zhang gave an invited speech on “Electric vehicle and development of low-carbon Macao” at the “Electric and connected vehicle workshop” organized by IEEE Macao. Check the news here

Oct 21, 2021, our students, i.e., Peipei Yu, Zhenyi Wang,  Hongxun Hui, won the First Prize and the only Best Innovation Award at the 2021 Contest of AI Application in Power Dispatching organized by China Southern Power Grid. Check the exciting news in Chinese or English!

Sep. 03, 2021, kick off of the new semester, welcome to our new students and farewell to our postdoc, Dr Chao Huang, who will return the University of Science and Technology Beijing as an associate professor soon

Feb. 04, 2021, conclusion of the Year of the Rat and farewell to our visiting student, Jiarong Li from Tsinghua University (the second from the left in the front row)

Jan. 28, 2021, our students, i.e., Peipei Yu (the third from left), Bin Zou (the fourth from left), Hongxun Hui, Guangxu Feng, and Qifan Yang, won the Second Prize and the only Best Innovation Award at the 2020 Contest of AI Application in Power Dispatching in China. Check the news in Chinese or English! 

Smart Energy Group at the 2020 IEEE PES Satellite Technical Council - China General Meeting @Wuhan, China, Oct. 2020. From left to right: Hongxun Hui, Dongdong Zhang, Hongcai Zhang, Chao Huang, Lidan Chen, Xiaohe Yan.

Autumn retreat @Cotai, Macao, Oct. 2020.

Autumn Festival @UM, Macao, Oct. 2020. From left to right: Yanqi LIU, Ge CHEN, Yiwei QIU (postdoc of Profs. Y SONG and N DAI), Hongcai ZHANG, Peipei YU, Lingming KONG (co-advised with Prof. N DAI), Bin ZOU, Chao Huang, Md Hossain.

HAPPY HOURS @Taipa, Macao, Nov. 2019. From left to right: Tanveer Ahmad, Xiaohe Yan, Chao Huang, Hongcai Zhang, Ge Chen, Dongdong Zhang, Md Hossain, Biao Yan.

Smart Energy Group Enjoying BBQ @Hac Sa Beach, Macao, Nov. 2019.

Smart Energy Group after group meeting @N21 Building, UM, Macao, Nov. 2019.