Huanle Xu, Assistant Professor
Department of Computer and Information Science
Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics                               
Faculty of Science and Technology                                    
University of Macau                                                            

Research  Interests

My research interests primarily revolve around the development and design of resource management policies, as well as the implementation of expansive, distributed computing systems. Additionally, I maintain a keen interest in machine learning algorithms and their practical applications in addressing real-world challenges.


  • Jun 2024- SMIless got accepted by SC 2024.
  • Apr 2024- One paper (on algorithm design and analysis) got accepted by SPAA 2024. 
  • Mar 2024- Derm got accepted by ISCA 2024.
  • Mar 2024- OEF got accepted by Middleware 2024.
  • Nov 2023- Heet  got accepted by ASPLOS 2024.
  • Oct 2023- One paper got accepted by ACM ToCS. 
  • Jun 2023- IADeep got accepted by SC 2023.
  • May 2023- PERT-GNN got accepted by KDD 2023.
  • Feb 2023- One paper got accepted by TPDS.
  • Jan 2023- Optum got accepted by Eurosys 2023.
  • Sep 2022- Madu got accepted by ACM SoCC 2022.
  • Aug 2022- Erms got accepted by ASPLOS 2023.
  • Jun 2022- DollyMP and Dragster got accepted by ICPP 2022.
  • Apr 2022- One paper got accepted by IEEE TPDS.

Personal Activities

  • TPC Member for IWQoS, IFIP Networking , HPCC
  • Program chair for CCID 2023
  • Organizer for HKPFS workshop in CUHK 2015, 2016


  • Research Excellence Award of FST, University of Macau, 2024
  • Best Paper Award from ACM SoCC, 2021
  • Reaching Out Award of CUHK, 2016
  • Overseas Research Attachment Programme Award of The Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong, 2015


Room 4019, E11, University of Macau
Avenida da Universidade
Taipa, Macau, China

Tel: (853) 8822-8471 | Fax: (853) 8822-2426
Email: huanlexu at um dot edu dot mo