Research Interests

    • Program Verification and Refinement
    • Formal Specification
    • Real Time Systems
    • Temporal Logic

Recent Research Projects

    • Formal Methods for Java Like Programs, University of Macau (Ref No. RG039/02-038/XQW/FST) 2003.
    • 模型驱动式高可信软件开发技术,国家自然科学基金 2006AA01Z165, 2007-2010.
    • Web 事务的模型和语义研究,国家自然科学基金20006201,2008-2011.
    • PEARL (Process Expansion: Action Refinement in the Large), Macao Science and Technology Fund, 2008-2011.
    • EAE (Engineering Accountable Ensembles), Macao Science and Technology Development Fund, 2010-2014 (being extended).
    • The Open Project of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Trustworthy Computing (No. 07dz22304201202), 2013.