Multi-length scale designs
and fabrication technologies
of soft matter towards
functional systems

Soft material

Advancing fabrication technology of soft materials for innovative functionalities

Structural material designs

Creating soft materials with unique mechanical properties through biomimetic and architectural designs

Bioinspired structural colours

Creating soft and eco-friendly materials with non-fading structural colours

Soft and responsive robots

Translating soft materials into human-machine interface applications

3D FDM printer
Our EME undergraduate, Cheney, developed an open-source 3D fused deposition extrusion printer (2024-05-30)
3D FDM printer
Developed by our EME undergraduate, Cheney (2024-05-30)
3D DLP printer
developed by our EME undergraduates, Cheok U and Keng Hong
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Multimaterial extrusion printhead
developed by our EME undergraduates, Chio Long and Fai Hou (2024-05-30)
Congratulations Cheney!!
Congratulations on your offer to study with UC berkeley (2024-05-30)
Congratulations Chio Long!!
Congratulations on your offer to study with HKU (2024-05-30)
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