Our research focuses on soft material systems with the goal to create the next generation of soft systems via advanced engineering fabrication methods, soft material manufacturing and bioinspired architectural designs. We envision our efforts tackling numerous long-standing challenges in human-machine interfaces and bringing new innovations to soft material science, healthcare, robotics and far beyond.

Research Focus

Soft material fabrication

With the aim to endow soft materials with unique functionalities for practical applications, we are developing / leveraging novel fabrication methods (e.g., 3D printing, direct ink writing, embedded printing, electrospinning, sacrificial porogens) to create soft material systems with hierarchical architecture that spans across multiple length scales.

Structural material designs

Many natural materials feature a unique combination of mechanical properties. We learn lessons from nature to create soft materials with unique mechanical properties that cannot be found in conventional man-made materials, in an effort to widen the applications of soft materials.

Soft and flexible devices

We aim to translate our research, enabling a solution for soft human-machine interfacing applications. Our lab is also collaborating with experts in flexible electronics for research translation.

Soft Matter Engineering Laboratory

E11 - 2031

Faculty of Science and Technology

University of Macau

Avenida da Universidade

Taipa, Macau, China

Dr. Iek Man Lei


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