Courses vs Programme Outcomes (New Curriculum)

Programme Outcomes
a an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering appropriate to the degree discipline
b an ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyse and interpret data
c an ability to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints, such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability and sustainability
d an ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams
e an ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems
f an ability to understand professional and ethical responsibility
g an ability to communicate effectively
h an ability to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context, especially the importance of health, safety and environmental considerations to both workers and the general public
i an ability to stay abreast of contemporary issues
j an ability to recognise the need for, and to engage in life-long learning
k an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice appropriate to the degree discipline
l an ability to use the computer/IT tools relevant to the discipline along with an understanding of their processes and limitations




Code Course Programme Outcomes
    a b c d e f g h i j k l
Compulsory Courses                        
CHEM112 General Chemistry T T,P     T              
MATB110 Calculus I T                      
MATB120 Calculus II T                      
MATB210 Engineering Mathematics I T                      
MATB220 Engineering Mathematics II T                      
PHYS120 Physics I T                   T  
PHYS210 Physics II T       T              
CEEB110 Computer Science T   T                 T
CEEB120 Civil Engineering Drawing T       T             T
CEEB121 Statics  T       T              
CEEB122 Introduction of Civil and Environmental Engineering           T T T T T    
CEEB210 Kinematics and Dynamics  T,P       T,P              
CEEB211 Mechanics of Materials  T P     T   T          
CEEB212 Surveying T,P T,P     T,P   T,P P     T,P,M  
CEEB220 Fluid Mechanics  T,P T,P   T,P T   T,P       P,M*  
CEEB221 Mathematics for Civil Engineering T       T             T
CEEB222 Construction Materials T T,P   P     P       T,P,M  
CEEB223 Engineering Geology T,P T,P     T,P     T        
CEEB224 Structural Analysis  T                     T
CEEB310 Environmental Engineering I T,M T,P,M     T,M T,M   T,M        
CEEB311 Steel Design  T,M   T,M P,M T,M             P,M
CEEB312 Construction Management and Practice T             T,M T,M P,M    
CEEB313 Soil Mechanics  T,P,M T,P,M     T,P,M   T,P,M P,M        
CEEB320 Environmental Engineering II T,M T,P,M     T,M       P*,M*   T,M  
CEEB321 Reinforced Concrete Design  T,M   T,M T,M T,M   T,M         T,M
CEEB322 Foundation Engineering T,P,M   T,P,M   T,P,M              
CEEB410 Civil Engineering Project I T,P,M T,P,M     T,P,M   T,P,M   T,P,M T,P,M   T,P,M
CEEB411 Integrated Project Design T,M   T,M P*,M* T,P,M T,M P,M T,P,M       P,M
CEEB420 Civil Engineering Project II T,P,M T,P,M     T,P,M   T,P,M   T,P,M T,P,M   T,P,M
Required Elective Courses ( 6 required )                        
CEEB350 Civil Engineering Hydraulics T.P T,P     T,P              
CEEB351 Advanced Topics in Soil Mechanics T       T              
CEEB450 Advanced Mechanics of Materials  T,P       T,P              
CEEB451 Advanced Structural analysis  T,P                     P,M
CEEB452 Structural Vibrations  T       T              
CEEB453 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design  T   T T T   T         T
CEEB454 Structural Systems and Analysis T   T   T       T      
CEEB455 Selected Topics in Geotechnical Engineering                        
CEEB456 Earth Retaining Systems  T   T T T             T
CEEB457 Application of Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering T       T             T
CEEB458 Introduction to Soil Improvement T T,P     T              
CEEB459 Engineering Economics and Ethics T         T,M*   T T      
CEEB460 Construction Planning, Scheduling and Control T       T              
CEEB461 Construction Methods, Procedure and Equipment T       T       T      
CEEB462 Environmental Engineering III T       T           T  
CEEB463 Essentials to Environmental Biotechnology   T T   T   T T T   T  
CEEB464 Wastwater Treatment Engineering   T T   T   T T     T  
CEEB465 Traffic Engineering T   T   T              
CEEB466 Transportation Planning and Public Transport System T       T   T          
CEEB467 Special Topics in Civil Engineering                        
CEEB468 Intensive Industrial Training       P,M P,M P,M P,M P P P,M    
CEEB469 Civil Engineering Internship I       P P P P P P P    
CEEB470 Civil Engineering Internship II       P P P P P P P    

* starts from academic year 2015/16 onwards


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