FST Dean’s Final Year Project List

Academic Year 2020/2021

Students Project Title
LI HONG CHAO Comparison of detection methods of nitrite and application in laboratory, environmental, and food samples
Machine learning based computational methods to study source water quality of Macau
LIANG HAOFAN Laboratory and modeling investigation of mineral scale deposition kinetics
PAK KAM IN Qianjiangping Landslide near Three Gorges reservoir: Coupled analysis of slope stability and seepage
LEI KA CHON Implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Heritage Conservation in Macau: A case study of Guia Chapel


Academic Year 2019/2020

Students Project Title
GUO SHUAIZHI Predictability of parking lot usage: A case study of Macao.
ZHAO ZHIHE Advanced Statistical analyses on source water quality of Macau
Finite Element Analysis of Consolidation of PCP Embankment
Laboratory Investigation and Neural Network Modeling of Engineering Properties of Marine Clay Treated With Portland Cement
FENG SIYING Analysis of the cable-stayed beam structure under various load conditions


Academic Year 2018/2019

Students Project Title
LOK KENG SENG Effect of microelements (copper and zinc) on co-metabolism of TCE with toluene by Pseudomonas plecoglossicida
WANG SHUMENG Constructing a sensor package for air pollution measurement
ZHANG AILUN Statistical analysis of Macau source water quality data
ZHENG ZONGJIAN Analysis of the three-stories unsymmetrical outrigger-braced structures
IAO PUI LAM The variations of soil mechanical and hydrological properties induced by different types of grasses


Academic Year 2017/2018

Students Project Title
LEONG SIN MEI Analysis of Particulate Matter and Black Carbon Exposures at Bus Stops in Macau
LI SHUAI Quantification and evaluation of particle shape and effect on the mechanical property of sand-structrual interface
SIN KEI HONG Use of FEM for ULS retaining wall design
LI JIALIN Analysis of a cable-stayed beam structure with the influence of axial force in beam
FAN YAWANG Analysis of the simple beam excited by support motions and moving mass


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