Master of Science in Civil Engineering (From 2023/2024)

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CIVL7001.Advanced Mathematics
CIVL7002.Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity
CIVL7003.Finite Element Method
CIVL7004.Advanced Soil Mechanics
CIVL7005.Subsurface Investigation and Soil Testing
CIVL7006.Advanced Foundation Engineering
CIVL7007.Soil Dynamics
CIVL7008.Structural Design of Foundations
CIVL7009.Special Topics in Geotechnical Engineering II
CIVL7010.Structural Vibrations
CIVL7011.Plates and Shells
CIVL7012.Structural Analysis and Finite Elements
CIVL7013.Special Topics in Structural Engineering III
CIVL7014.Numerical Modeling in Geomechanics
CIVL7015.Random Vibrations of Structures
CIVL7016.Behavior and Design of Steel Members
CIVL7017.Ground Improvement Techniques
CIVL7018.Landslides Mechanisms, Mitigation and Risk Assessment
CIVL7019.Special Topics in Geotechnical Engineering I
CIVL7020.Special Topics in Structural Engineering I
CIVL7021.Special Topics in Structural Engineering II
CIVL7022.Advanced Computational Methods: Principles and Applications
CIVL7023.Economic Analysis and Financial Management in Engineering
CIVL7024.Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue
CIVL7025.Reliability Analysis in Civil Engineering
CIVL7026.Instrumentation Systems in Civil Engineering
CIVL7027.Constitutive Modeling in Soil Mechanics
CIVL7028.Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Members
CIVL7029.Hydrodynamics and Floods
CIVL7030.Coastal Fluid Mechanics and Storm Surge
CIVL7031.Sediment Transport and Erosion
CIVL7032.Municipal Solid Waste Management
CIVL7033.Environmental Chemistry
CIVL7034.Coastal Water Treatment Principles and Processes
CIVL7035.Water Pollution Control: Physical and Chemical Modeling
CIVL7036.Environmental Assessment and Planning: Computer Modeling
CIVL7037.Air Pollution Control
CIVL7038.Special Topics in Environmental Engineering IV
CIVL7039.Air Pollution Meteorology and Chemistry
CIVL7040.Special Topics in Environmental Engineering I
CIVL7041.Special Topics in Environmental Engineering II
CIVL7042.Special Topics in Environmental Engineering III
CIVL7043.Quantitative Methods for Construction Decision Making
CIVL7044.Quality and Safety Management in Construction
CIVL7997.Internship and Report
CIVL7998.Project Report


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