Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
(From 2011/2012)

Year I

Codes Courses Credits
CEEB120 Civil Engineering Drawing 2
CEEB121 Statics 3
CEEB122 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering 1
MATB120 Calculus II 3
PHYS120 Physics I 4
PHYS210 Physics II 4
General Education Compulsory Courses:  
CEEB110 Computer Science 3
CHEM112 General Chemistry 4
MATB110 Calculus I 3
SASG100 University Life 0
1 GE Compulsory Course (Chinese/Foreign Language) 3
1 GE Compulsory Course (Physical Education) 1
2 GE Compulsory Courses (English Language) 6
Total Credits: 37

Year II

Codes Courses Credits
CEEB210 Kinematics and Dynamics 3
CEEB211 Mechanics of Materials 3
CEEB212 Surveying 2
CEEB220 Fluid Mechanics 3
CEEB221 Mathematics for Civil Engineering 3
CEEB222 Construction Materials 3
CEEB223 Engineering Geology 3
CEEB224 Structural Analysis 3
MATB210 Engineering Mathematics I 3
MATB220 Engineering Mathematics II 3
General Education Compulsory Course:  
1 GE Compulsory Course (Visual and Performing Arts) 2
1 GE Compulsory Course (Life Science, Health and the Human Condition) 3
1 GE Compulsory Course (World Histories and Cultures) 3
Total Credits: 37

Year III

Codes Courses Credits
CEEB310 Environmental Engineering I 3
CEEB312 Construction Management and Practice 3
CEEB313 Soil Mechanics 3
CEEB320 Environmental Engineering II 3
CEEB321 Reinforced Concrete Design 3
CEEB322 Foundation Engineering 3
General Education Compulsory Courses:  
1 GE Compulsory Course (Communication) 3
1 GE Compulsory Course (Values, Ethics and Meaning of Life) 3
2 Elective Courses (Distribution / Diversity Course) 6
2 Required Elective Course from the “Required Elective Courses List” below 6
Total Credits: 36

Year IV

Codes Courses Credits
CEEB311 Steel Design 3
CEEB410 Civil Engineering Project I 3
CEEB411 Integrated Project Design 2
CEEB420 Civil Engineering Project II 3
General Education Compulsory Courses:  
1 GE Compulsory Course (Macao, China and other Societies) 3
2 Elective Courses (Distribution / Diversity Course) 6
4 Required Elective Courses from the “Required Elective Courses List” below 12
Total Credits: 32

Required Elective Courses List:

Codes Courses Credits
CEEB350 Civil Engineering Hydraulics 3
CEEB351 Advanced Topics in Soil Mechanics 3
CEEB450 Advanced Mechanics of Materials 3
CEEB451 Advanced Structural Analysis 3
CEEB452 Structural Vibrations 3
CEEB453 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design 3
CEEB454 Structural Systems and Analysis 3
CEEB455 Selected Topics in Geotechnical Engineering 3
CEEB456 Earth Retaining Systems 3
CEEB457 Application of Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering 3
CEEB458 Introduction to Soil Improvement 3
CEEB459 Engineering Economics and Ethics 3
CEEB460 Construction Planning, Scheduling and Control 3
CEEB461 Construction Methods, Procedure and Equipment 3
CEEB462 Environmental Engineering III 3
CEEB463 Essentials to Environmental Biotechnology 3
CEEB464 Wastewater Treatment Engineering 3
CEEB465 Traffic Engineering 3
CEEB466 Transportation Planning and Public Transport System 3
CEEB467 Special Topics in Civil Engineering 3
CEEB468 Intensive Industrial Training 3
CEEB469 Civil Engineering Internship I 1.5
CEEB470 Civil Engineering Internship II 1.5


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