Department Head

Tel: (853) 8822-4391, Location: E11-3034
Research interests: Power Electronics, Power System, Instrumentation and Measurement.

Chair Professors

Yonghua SONG, Ph.D. (宋永華)
Director of State Key Laboratory of Internet of Things for Smart City
Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering of the United Kingdom
Member of the Academia Europaea

Tel: (853) 8822-4301, Location: N6-6022
Personal Homepage:

Research interests: Smart Grid, Power Systems, Power Markets.

Rui Paulo da Silva MARTINS, Ph.D. (馬許願)
Vice-Rector (Global Affairs), IEEE Fellow
Director of State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI 

Director of the Institute of Microelectronics
Member of the Portuguese Academy of Sciences

Tel: (853) 8822-4309, Location: N6-5033B
Personal Homepage:

Research interests: Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI Design.

Distinguished Professors

Tel: (853) 8822-4479 , Location: E11-3042
Research interests: RF and Microwave Engineering, Antenna Technology, Applied Electromagnetics.


Pui In MAK, Elvis, Ph.D. (麥沛然)
IEEE Fellow, IET Fellow, Chinese Academy of Sciences Overseas Expert
Associate Director (Research), State-Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI

Tel: (853) 8822-8794, Location: E11-3053
Research interests: RF, analog and mixed-signal CMOS integrated circuits, Hybrid-domain circuits and systems (wireless, biomedical, physical chemistry), Engineering education.

Tel: (853) 8822-8550 , Location: E11-3043
Research interests: Linear and nonlinear control theory, networked control systems, coordinated control of multiple vehicles, robust multi-model adaptive control, fault detection and isolation, gain scheduled control, integrated design of guidance and control systems, aided inertial navigation systems, and mission control and real time architectures for complex autonomous systems with applications to unmanned air and ocean vehicles.

Kam Weng TAM, Ken, Ph.D. (譚錦榮)
CEng, IET Fellow
Director of Centre for Science and Engineering Promotion

Tel: (853) 8822-4373 , Location: E11-3044
Research interests: Differential microwave circuits, Miniaturization techniques of microwave circuits, Tunable microwave circuits and RFID.

Associate Professors

Wai Wa CHOI, Welsy, Ph.D. (蔡偉華)
GE Course Area Coordinator (Physical Science and the World) in CTLE

Tel: (853) 8822-8468 , Location: E11-3036
Research interests: High Dynamic Range Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) Active Filters, Spurious Response Suppression for Compact Passive Microwave Filters, Miniaturization Techniques of Microwave Circuits.

Ningyi DAI, Ph.D. (戴寧怡)
Assistant Dean (Administrative Affairs), FST

Tel: (853) 8822-8026 , Location: E11-3050
Research interests: Power Electronics: Pulse width modulation, Power quality compensation, Renewable energy.

Tel: (853) 8822-8548 , Location: E11-3051
Research interests: Mechanism design and resource allocation in next generation wireless sensor networks, QoS provisioning for multimedia multicast service, Resource allocation and scheduling in broadband wireless networks, MAC protocol design in cognitive radio networks.

Tel: (853) 8822-4417 , Location: N21-3012e
Research interests: Power Electronics and Microelectronics.

Tel: (853) 8822-8791 , Location: N21-3006c
Research interests: Integrated Circuits and Systems.

Tel: (853) 8822-8470 , Location: E11-3047
Research interests: Signal processing and communications: transceiver design, signal detection, synchronization, resource allocation and performance analysis.

Seng Peng MOK, Greta, Ph.D. (莫昇萍)
Founding President of Macao Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Tel: (853) 8822-4491 , Location: E11-3045
Research interests: Medical imaging, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), positron emission tomography (PET), multi-modality imaging (PET/SPECT/CT/MRI), internal dosimetry, molecular imaging.

Tel: (853) 8822-4467 , Location: N21-3013d
Research interests: Biomedical Electronic Design.

Sai Weng SIN, Terry, Ph.D. (冼世榮)
Associate Head of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Tel: (853) 8822-8795 , Location: E11-3049
Research interests: Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits, High-Performance Data Converters, Low Voltage Switched-Capacitor Circuits, Integrated Analog Front-Ends.

Mang I VAI, Ph.D. (韋孟宇)
President of Macau Society of Biomedical Engineering

Tel: (853) 8822-4461 , Location: E11-3035
Research interests: Biomedical Engineering: Electronics, Electromagnetism and Digital Signal Processing in Biomedical Engineering, Embedded System: Application based on microprocessors, DSP and FPGA.

Tel: (853) 8822-4473 , Location: E11-3055
Research interests: Intelligent control, computational intelligence and brain computer interfaces.

Tel: (853) 8822-4418 , Location: N21-3003e
Research interests: Data Converters and Signal Processing.

Tel: (853) 8822-4408 , Location: N21-3014f
Research interests: Wireless Power and ICs..

Tel: (853) 8822-4407 , Location: N21-3006
Research interests: RF and mm-Wave Integrated Circuits.

Assistant Professors

Tel: (853) 8822-4402 , Location: N21-3003d
Research interests: Data Converters and Clock Circuits.

Tel: (853) 8822-4470 , Location: N21-3015g
Research interests: Analog, mm-wave, Wireline systems and circuits.

Tel: (853) 8822-8036 , Location: N21-3014e
Research interests: Power Management Integrated Circuits and Systems.

Tel: (853) 8822-9217 , Location: N21-1003E
Research interests: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Human Brain Mapping, Multisensory Integration.

Tel: (853) 8822-4451 , Location: N21-3001ca
Research interests: Microfluidics.

Tel: (853) 8822-4896 , Location: E11-3046
Research interests: Power Electronics and Power Converters, Smart grid and Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Railway Traction Power Supply, Renewable Power Integration, Power Quality and Compensation Techniques.

Tel: (853) 8822-4432 , Location: N21-3006
Research interests: Ultra-low-voltage analog IC design.

Tel: (853) 8822-4393 , Location: E11-3037
Research interests: Bio-signals extraction & processing, Intra/Inter Body Communications, Bio-electromagnetism, Applied-Electromagnetics, Macau Higher Education & Chinese Culture.

Tel: (853) 8822-4450 , Location: N21-3006
Research interests: Transmitter and Deep Learning.

Tel: (853) 8822-4364 , Location: E11-3052
Research interests: Power System Control and Automation, Power System Stability, Power System Protection.

Tel: (853) 8822-9978 , Location: N21-1015e
Research interests: Intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) for 6G, Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communications, Wireless power transfer and 5G communications, Machine learning and IoT network.

Tel: (853) 8822-9958 , Location: N21-5011G
Research interests: Internet of Things for Smart Energy.

Tel: (853) 8822-4445 , Location: N21-3003f
Research interests: High-speed ADC for optical links, Time-domain integrated circuits, Mixed-signal computing.

Tel: (853) 8822-9939 , Location: N21-3006
Research interests: Integrated Power Converters, Integrated Device Drivers, Energy Harvesting Interface.

Lecturers (UM Macau Fellow)

Tel: (853) 8822-8058 , Location: E11-3054
Research interests: RF/Microwave Circuit Design, Radar Sensing, Harmonic Communication System, Phased Array Antenna for Massive MIMO, RFID Technology.

Tel: (853) 8822-8792 , Location: N21-3006
Research interests: RF and AI Microelectronics.

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