Electrical Power Engineering and ITs Automation

Electrical Power Engineering and Its Automation discipline is an essential and fundamental subject to support worldwide development, which is one of the most active subjects that reflect the progress of social scientific and economic. It concludes the industrial electrical automation, motor drive control, power system and its automation, electrical appliances and its control, electrical technology, power electronics, renewable energy technology, and so on, whose characteristics consist of the strong and weak electricity combination, components and system, wide coverage and general-purpose. Our discipline emphasizes electrician technology, electronic technology, control theory, power-supply technology, motor drive technology, motion control technology, power system, relay, and broad professional knowledge of engineering technology. Graduates are high-level application-oriented talents who are able to undertake electric power industry, motor and motor control, power-supply, smart grid development and other areas.

Relevant Faculty Members

Name Office Location Contact Number Email
Prof. Yonghua SONG N6-6022 (853) 8822-4301
Prof. Man Chung WONG E11-3034 (853) 8822-4391
Prof. Carlos Jorge Ferreira SILVESTRE E11-3043 (853) 8822-8550
Prof. Ningyi DAI E11-3050 (853) 8822-8026
Prof. Chi Seng LAM N21-3012e (853) 8822-4417
Prof. Keng Weng LAO E11-3046 (853)-8822-4896
Prof. Chi Kong WONG E11-3052 (853)- 8822-4364

Prof. Hongcai ZHANG N21-5021-1 8822-9958

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