Chi Kong WONG  黃志剛
Assistant Professor

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Academic Qualifications
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B.Sc. Courses

Old program up to 2014, New program start at 2012 M.Sc. Courses

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FDCT Projects RC Projects Industrial Projects (Supported by CEM)

In order to enhance the stability and to reduce the losses of Macau power network, CEM invited EEE department to conduct the following projects between 1999-2004. These projects provided new schemes, operating guidelines and control methods to CEM, such that CEM can prevent system blackout, save running cost and enhance the service quality.


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IEEE/IET Journals

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  2. K.W. Lao, M.C. Wong, N.Y. Dai, C.K. Wong, C.S. Lam, “Analysis of DC Link Operation Voltage of a Hybrid Railway Power Quality Conditioner and its PQ Compensation Capability in High Speed Co-phase Traction Power Supply”, accepted by IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics in 2015(SCI & EI), (DOI 10.1109/TPEL.2015.2417356)
  3. M.C. Wong, Y.Z. Yang, C.S. Lam, W.H. Choi, N.Y. Dai, C.K. Wong, S.W. Sin, U.F. Chio, S.P. U, R.P. Martins, "Self-Reconfiguration Property of A Mixed Signal Controller for Improving Power Quality Compensation During Light Loading", IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol.99, 2014. (SCI & EI)
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Journal (Others)

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  8. C.K. Wong, L.H. Zhang, “Modelling of ASVG System, Control and Simulation”, Electric Machines and Control, Vol.1, no.1, P.61-67, 1997 (EI)

Conference papers

  1. K.W. Lao, M.C. Wong, N.Y. Dai, C.K. Wong, “Design of LCL filter for harmonic suppression in co-phase railway power quality conditioner”, The IEEE International Future Energy Electronics Conference 2013 (IFEEC 2013), Tainan, Taiwan, Nov. 2013
  2. B. Z., I.K. Lok, N.Y Dai, M.C. Wong, C.K. Wong, “Three-level hybrid active power filter with quasi-resonant dc-link technique in three-phase four-wire system”, The IEEE International Future Energy Electronics Conference 2013 (IFEEC 2013), Tainan, Taiwan, Nov. 2013.
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  14. C.K Wong,  B.N. Shi, Q.H Qin,  Y.D Han, “Improvement of  UFLS for Small and Important Receiving Terminal   System”, Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Power and Energy Systems (PES’99), November 8-10, 1999-Las Vegas-Nevada-USA

Technical Reports

  1. Reports to CEM for Study of Wheeling Problem in the New Structure of CEM Power Network - Phase I
  2. Reports to CEM for Study of Wheeling Problem in the New Structure of CEM Power Network - Phase I I
  3. Reports to CEM for Investigation of Current Under Frequency Load Shedding Scheme in CEM Network
  4. Reports to CEM for Design of Under Frequency Load Shedding Scheme in CEM Network
  5. Reports to CEM for Transmission  and Distribution Network Losses

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Macau, China

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