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2021/2022 FST Outstanding Graduates’ Stories

澳大四年時光轉瞬即逝,畢業生帶着專業知識和寶貴經歷各奔前程。 科技學院多個學系畢業生皆表現出眾, 一同回顧他們多姿多彩、豐富充實的學習旅程。 點撃了解他們的故事! With the professions and experiences gained from the past four years at FST, most students continue their learning journeys. All Departments have many outstanding grad ...


Tsinghua Students in UM

      The University of Macau (UM) and Tsinghua University launched their first student exchange programme at the beginning of this year. As part of the programme, seven outstanding undergraduate students from the Department of Electrica ...


The journey of a mainland student pursing PhD degree at UM – Li Tianyi from the Department of Mathematics

Li Tianyi is a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of the University of Macau (UM) who is from Mainland China and had known about UM’s development and reputation. Due to the internationalizatio ...


2020/2021 FST graduates’ stories and their final year projects

四年大學生活轉瞬即逝,畢業生們帶着豐富知識和寶貴經驗各奔前程。儘管尚未徹底走出疫情的陰霾,但一切正朝著好的方向發展,今年科技學院有不少出眾的本科生在畢業設計項目上獲得不俗的成績,一同回顧他們多姿多彩、豐富充實的學習旅程。 With the knowledge and professions gained from the past four years in UM, most students have pursued their onward journeys. Some outstandi ...


2019/2020 FST graduates’ stories and their final year projects

Time flies like an arrow, the graduation season of academic year 2019/2020 has finally come to the end. After four years of studying, some graduates from different departments of FST have achieved excellent performance in their final year projects. ...

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