Academic Staff


Department Head

Guichuan XING, Ph.D. (邢貴川)
Email: gcxing
Tel: (853) 8822-4036
Location: N23-3008/E11-4032

Research interests:
Ultrafast laser spectroscopy, Nano optoelectronics, Spintronics, Perovskite for light harvesting and light emission, Nonlinear optical properties and ultrafast carrier dynamics in novel optoelectronic materials and devices.
Chair Professors

Zikang TANG, Ph.D. (湯子康)
Director of Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering
Email: zktang
Tel: (853) 8822-4194
Location: N23-4008a

Research interests:
Nano structured electronic materials, Carbon nanotubes, graphene and 2D materials, ZnO crystal thin films, wide-gap semiconductors and their photo-electronic devices.
Distinguished Professors

Handong SUN, Ph.D. (孫漢東)
Associate Director (Research and Enterprise) of Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering
Email: hdsun
Tel: (853) 8822-4437
Location: N23-6032

Research interests:
Optoelectronic materials and devices, Semiconductor physics, Optical spectroscopy, Nanophotonics, Nano-materials and Nanotechnology.

Hui PAN, Ph.D. (潘暉)
Associate Director (Curriculum and Education) of Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering
Email: huipan
Tel: (853) 8822-4427
Location: N23-4003

Research interests:
Energy harvesting and storage (solar cell, fuel cell, battery, supercapacitor, and hydrogen production/storage), Spintronics, Nanodevices (ReRAM and PRAM), Magnetism, Fabrication and first-principles design of materials, Condensed Matter Physics.

Songnan QU, Eng.D. (曲松楠)
Email: songnanqu
Tel: (853) 8822-9096
Location: N23-4004/E11-4032

Research interests:
Chemical synthesis of CDs, biological fluorescence imaging, luminescent devices and laser, nanomedicines for cancer diagnoses and therapy.

Yun-Tung LAU, Ph.D. (劉潤東)
Professor and College Master of Chao Kuang Piu College
Email: ytlau
Tel: (853) 8822-9382
Location: W21-G037

Research interests:
Solar physics, Plasma physics, Nonlinear science and Chaos.

Shengyuan YANG, Ph.D. (楊聲遠)
Email: yangshengyuan
Tel: (853) 8822-4510
Location: N23-6030

Research interests:
Theoretical condensed matter physics, Topological aspects of solid state physics, topological materials, two-dmensional materials Spintronics, valleytronics, transport theory.
Associate Professors

Kwun Nam HUI, Ph.D. (許冠南)
Email: bizhui
Tel: (853) 8822-4426
Location: N23-4025

Research interests:
Materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, nanomaterials, graphene materials, electrochemical energy storage and conversion (Li-ion/Li-sulfur/Li-O2 batteries, flexible supercapacitor, fuel cell), photocatalytic water splitting.

Hou IAN, Ph.D. (殷灝)
Email: houian
Tel: (853) 8822-8549
Location: N23-4023

Research interests:
Superconducting Circuits, Quantum Measurement Theory, Quantum Information and Computation.

Hai-Feng LI, Ph.D. (李海峰)
Email: haifengli
Tel: (853) 8822-4035
Location: N23-3003

Research interests:
New Advanced Materials Exploitation and Synthesis, Single Crystal Growth, Neutron and X-ray Scattering, Devices, etc.

Kar Wei NG, Ph.D. (吳嘉偉)
Email: billyng
Tel: (853) 8822-4124
Location: N23-3006

Research interests:
Monolithic Integration of optoelectronics (e.g. Laser, detectors) with Silicon based technology, Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition of III-V nano structures, Advanced materials characterization with electron microscopy.

Huaiyu SHAO, Ph.D. (邵懷宇)
Email: hshao
Tel: (853) 8822-4097
Location: N23-4022

Research interests:
Battery Electrode Materials (Li/Na/Mg ion batteries, all-solid-state batteries), Nanosize and Nano Processing, Kinetics and Thermodynamics, Hydrogen Energy.

Guoxing SUN, Ph.D. (孫國星)
Email: gxsun
Tel: (853) 8822-4053
Location: N23-3034

Research interests:
Cement-releasing nanoparticles, nanocomposite hydrogel, ultra-stable nanocomposite foam, energy efficient foam concrete, concrete admixtures, organic/inorganic composites, polymer crystallization.

Shuangpeng WANG, Ph.D. (王雙鵬)
Email: spwang
Tel: (853) 8822-4048
Location: N23-3007

Research interests:
Group II oxide based photoelectric device, Quantum Dot Light Emitting Device, Low Dimension Materials and their Application.

Bingpu ZHOU, Ph.D. (周冰樸)
Associate Head of Department of Physics and Chemistry (DPC)
Email: bpzhou
Tel: (853) 8822-4196
Location: N23-3032

Research interests:
Microfabrication for Bio-MEMS, Fluid Control in Microfluidic System, Optofluidics for Bio-sensor, Micro-emulsion for advanced material synthesis, Droplet-based Microfluidics.
Assistant Professors

Yongqing CAI, Ph.D. (蔡永青)
Email: yongqingcai
Tel: (853) 8822-9959
Location: N23-3004

Research interests:
Computational materials science and physics, in particular: simulating phonons and other quantum quasiparticles in condensed matters, phase transitions, materials informatics and artificial intelligence.

Binmeng CHEN, Ph.D. (陳斌猛)
Email: bmchen
Tel: (853) 8822 9947
Location: N23-3001

Research interests:
Waste-driven Nano-material fabrication & modification, Thermal management material (hydration heat, electrical device heat, etc.), Next-generation cement-based material (In-situ polymer cement, carbon capture concrete, 3D printed concrete, etc.).

Shi CHEN, Ph.D. (陳石)
Email: shichen
Tel: (853) 8822-4294
Location: N23-3033

Research interests:
Interfacial energetics of Organometal halide perovskite, Interaction and characterization on Organometal halide perovskite surfaces, Transient electron dynamics on surfaces, Low dimensional materials, Surface and interface characterization.

Weng Fai IP, Andy, Ph.D. (葉穎暉)
Email: andyip
Tel: (853) 8822-4355
Location: E11-4031

Research interests:
Pollution Level Prediction, Optimization of Resources Allocation, Environmental Chemical Analysis.

Shen LAI, Ph.D. (賴屾)
Email: laishen
Tel: (853) 8822 9933
Location: N23-4027

Research interests:
Device physics of 2D materials.

Hongchao LIU, Ph.D. (劉宏超)
Email: hcliu
Tel: (853) 8822-9077
Location: N23-3005

Research interests:
Quanum optics and ghost imaging, Optical properties of metamaterials, Electric transport experiment on topological materials and 2D materials.

Yinning ZHOU, Ph.D. (周胤寧)
Email:  ynzhou
Tel: (853) 8822-9925
Location: N23-3031

Research interests:
Microfluidics, Acoustofluidics, Lab on a chip, Nanomaterials-based tumor immnuotherapy.

Pengzhan SUN, Ph.D. (孫鵬展)
Email:  pengzhansun
Tel: (853) 8822-9124
Location: N23-6031

Research interests:
Fundamental understanding of molecular transport under confinement
Synthesis and processing of 2D crystals building blocks and their rationally designed assemblies for emerging technologies in environment, energy, informatics, etc.

Cong XIAO, Ph.D. (肖聰)
Email:  congxiao
Tel: (853) 8822-8337
Location: N23-6022

Research interests:
Berry phase and quantum geometric effects in condensed matter physics, Nonlinear Hall transport, Nonreciprocal transport, Nonlinear spintronics: Nonlinear spin-orbit torque, Nonlinear spin Hall effect,
Quantum layertronics, Layered antiferromagnetic spintronics, Magnetoelectric transport effects, Orbitronics, Chiral electronics,
Anomalous Hall and anomalous Nernst effects, Thermal Hall effect, Spin Hall effect and Spin-orbit torque, Quantum geometric responses in superconductors, Van der Waals materials, topological materials

Haomin SONG, Ph.D. (宋昊旻)
Email:  haominsong
Tel: (853) 8822-4828
Location: N23-3011

Research interests:
Nanophotonics and optoelectronics for integrated energy devices/systems, such as photodetectors, biosensors, photocatalysis, water desalination purification and condensation, as well as radiative cooling.
Senior Instructor

Yu Ming TANG, Ph.D. (鄧宇明)
Email: yumingtang
Tel: (853) 8822-9344
Fax: (853) 8822-2426
Location: W23-G039

Research interests:
Gas-sensing technology, switchable mirror, vacuum technology, materials characterization, Nano-technology.