Department of Physics and Chemistry (DPC) is currently running three teaching laboratories: general physics laboratory, advanced physics laboratory and chemistry laboratory. These laboratories are supporting the teaching of all the courses offered by DPC. The physics laboratories are equipped with various instruments, allowing the students to perform a wide range of experiments covering general physics and modern physics, such as nuclear magnetic resonance and imaging (NMR & MRI), Plank’s “quantum of action”, photoelectric effect and solar cell. The chemistry laboratory is equipped with a wide range of measuring and analytic equipment, such as infrared and UV-vis spectrophotometers, electrochemical station, water deionizer and melting point apparatus, etc.

More details of each laboratories can be found in the respective link shown below:

  1. Chemistry laboratory (Location: E11-3092, for details, please see here)
  2. General Physics Laboratory (Location: E11-2011, for details, please see here)
  3. Advanced Physics Labratory (Location: E11-3100, for details, please see here)

Latest update of lab equipment can be found here.(last update: October 2021)