B.Sc. Courses (Applied Physics and Chemistry)

Department of Physics and Chemistry provides undergraduate programme “Applied Physics and Chemistry(APC)” . Our undergraduate programme adopts an unique “project-based” study mode, which requires our students not only take the lecture-based courses, but also conduct a series of research projects in our state-of-the-art laboratory throughout four years of their undergraduate studies.


Programme Learning Outcome:

• An ability to identify, formulate and solve problems in applied physics and chemistry disciplines.
• An ability to interpret the fundamental mechanism of applied physics and chemistry.
• An ability to apply knowledge of applied physics, chemistry, and engineering to overcome the challenges in industries.
• An ability to use the techniques, skills and latest scientific and technical tools necessary for innovative, creative and professional practice.
• An ability to conduct project effectively, independently or in team in a professional and ethical manner.
• An ability to communicate effectively with the community and a broad range of audiences for public scientific, technological, or environmental considerations.
• An ability to recognize the importance of life-long learning and continuing professional development in applied physics and chemistry.


Study Plan

  • B.Sc study plan can be found from this link.


  • The details of flowchart of programme can be found from this link.