Haiwei SUN  孫海衛

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Academic Qualifications
Working Experience

B.Sc. Courses

  1. Real Analysis II (EDUC305)
  2. Topics in Mathematics (EDUC418)
  3. Mathematical Analysis IV (MATH201)
  4. Ordinary Differential Equations (EDUC353)
  5. Partial Differential Equations (EDUC446)
  6. Calculus II (DEUC112)
  7. Applied Linear Algebra (MATB354)
  8. Engineering Mathematics I (MATB210)
  9. Multivariable Calculus (MATB211)
M.Sc. Courses
  1. Numerical Methods for Differential Equations (MATH709)
  2. Advanced Mathematics (ELCE702)
  3. Reading Course I (MATH711)
  4. Reading Course II (MATH712)
  5. Topics in Analysis (MATH716)
  6. Topics in Matrix Analysis (MATH718)
  7. Advanced Numerical Linear Algebra (MATH703)
  8. Advanced Topic in Mathematics (MATH827)
M.Sc. Theses Supervised
  1. Chi-Keong LEONG (2004—2006) 
  2. Shun ZHANG (2004—2007) 
  3. Venus, Weng Cheng CHIANG (2004—2008) 
  4. Kun-leng LAO (2006—2010) 
  5. Spike Tsz-ho LEE (2007--2010), (received the SIAM Student Travel Award to attend the 2010 SIAM Annual Meeting, July 2010)
  6. Xin LIU (2008—2010) 
  7. Chun-yang ZHANG (2010—2012) 
  8. Leonard Z. LI (2011—2014 ) , (received the SIAM Student Travel Award to attend the 2014 SIAM Annual Meeting, July 2014
  9. Jia-qi ZHANG (2012—2015)
  10. Jun-wei JIN(2013—2015)
  11. Xue-lei LIN (2014--2017)  (The awardee of the Scientific and Technological R&D Award for Postgraduates by Macao Government, 2018. The awardee of the Silver Medal of Master thesis for New World Mathematics Awards 2018)
  12. Hui-qin WEI (2015--2017)
  13. Zheng-jian CHEN (2015--2018)
  14. Chen-chen YE (2017-- )
  15. Cong-cong LI (2018-- )
  16. Xin HUANG (2018-- )
Ph.D. Theses Supervised
  1. Lu ZHANG (2012--2015)
  2. Xin LU (2012--2016 )
  3. Zhi-wei FANG (2013--2018 ), (received the SIAM Student Travel Award to attend the 2017 SIAM Annual Meeting, July 2017
  4. Chao-tao WEN (2017-- )
  5. Chun-hua ZHANG (2017-- )
Postdoctoral Fellows Supervised
  1. Xiao-shan CHEN (01--03/2012)
  2. Ling-li XIE (08--12/2012)
  3. Hong-kui PANG (09/2012--02/2015)
  4. Guanghua GAO (03--08/2014)
  5. Yufeng XU (08--12/2015)
  6. Zhi-bo WANG (09--12/2017)

Academic Honor, Achievements and Services

Research Interests

Recent Research Projects

Selected Publications (IF and Rank are listed according to JCR@2017)


  1. (Z. Fang, H. Sun, and H. Wei) An approximate inverse preconditioner for spatial fractional diffusion equations with piecewise continuous coefficientsInternational Journal of Computer Mathematics, accepted. (IF=1.054, Rank=111/252@ Mathematics, Applied, Q2)
  2. (Z. Fang, M. Ng, and H. SunCirculant preconditioners for a kind of spatial fractional diffusion equationsNumerical Algorithms, accepted. (IF=1.536Rank=55/252 @ Mathematics, Applied, Q1)
  3. (N. Du, H. Sun, and H. Wang)A preconditioned fast finite difference scheme for space-fractional diffusion equations in convex domains, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 38 (1),  UNSP 14, 2019. (IF=0.863Rank=151/252 @ Mathematics, Applied, Q3)
  4. *(X. Lin, M. Ng, and H. SunCRANK-NICOLSON ADI METHOD FOR SPACE-FRACTIONAL DIFFUSION EQUATIONS WITH NON-SEPARABLE COEFFICIENTSSIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, accepted.   (IF=2.047, Rank=26/252 @ Mathematics, Applied, Q1)
  5. *(T. Wang, Y. Huang, and H. Sun)  MEASURE-THEORETIC INVARIANCE ENTROPY FOR CONTROL SYSTEMSSIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, Vol. 57, pp. 310—333, 2019. (IF=1.594Rank=52/252 @ Mathematics, Applied, Q1)
  6. (Y. Wen, H. Sun, and M. Ng) A primal-dual method for the Meyer model of cartoon and texture decompositionNumerical Linear Algebra with Applications, Vol. 26, e2224, 2019.  (IF=1.281Rank=39/309 @ Mathematics, Q1)
  7. (X. Chen and H. SunOn the unsolvability of inverse singular value problems almost everywhereLinear and Multilinear Algebra, Vol. 67, pp.987—994  (IF=0.835Rank=110/309 @ Mathematics, Q2)
  8. 2018

  9. (X. Chen, C. Wen, and H. SunTWO-STEP NEWTON TYPE METHODS FOR SOLVING INVERSE EIGENVALUE PROBLEMSNumerical Linear Algebra with Applications, Vol. 25, e2185, 2018.  (IF=1.281Rank=39/309 @ Mathematics, Q1)
  10. (X. Lin, M. Ng, and H. SunEfficient Preconditioner of One-sided Space Fractional Diffusion EquationBIT, Vol. 58, pp. 729—748, 2018. (IF=1.425Rank=66/252 @ Mathematics, Applied, Q1)
  11. (X. Lin, M. Ng, and H. SunA separable preconditioner for time-space fractional Caputo-Riesz diffusion equations, Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications, Vol. 11, pp. 827—853, 2018. (IF=0.695, Rank=156/309@ Mathematics, Q3)
  12. (Y. Xu, H. Sun, and Q. ShengOn variational properties of balanced central fractional derivativesInternational Journal of Computer Mathematics, Vol. 95, pp. 1195—1209, 2018.  (IF=1.054, Rank=111/252@ Mathematics, Applied, Q2)
  13. (X. Lu, H. Pang, H. Sun, and S. Vong) Approximate inversion method for time-fractional sub-diffusion equationsNumerical Linear Algebra with Applications, Vol. 25 (2), pp. e2132, 2018. (IF=1.281Rank=39/309 @ Mathematics, Q1)
  14. (X. Lin, M. Ng, and H. SunStability and Convergence Analysis of Finite Difference Schemes for Time-Dependent Space-Fractional Diffusion Equations with Variable Diffusion Coefficients,  Journal of Scientific Computing, Vol. 75, pp. 1102--1127, 2018. (IF=1.814Rank=39/252 @ Mathematics, Applied, Q1)
  15. (Z. Zhou, J. Ma, and H. SunFast Laplace transform methods for free-boundary problems of fractional diffusion equations, Journal of Scientific Computing, Vol. 74, pp. 49--69, 2018. (IF=1.814Rank=39/252@ Mathematics, Applied, Q1)
  16. (Z. Fang, J. Shen, and H. SunPreconditioning techniques in Chebyshev collocation method for elliptic equations, International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling , Vol. 15, pp. 277--287, 2018. (IF=0.667Rank=170/309 @ Mathematics, Q3)
  17. 2017

  18. *(X. Lin, M. Ng, and H. SunA Splitting Preconditioner for Toeplitz-Like Linear Systems Arising from Fractional Diffusion EquationsSIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, Vol. 38, pp. 1580—1614, 2017.   (IF=1.528Rank=56/252@ Mathematics, Applied, Q1)
  19. (F. Cao, Y. Ge,  and H. SunPartial Semi-Coarsening Multigrid Method Based on the HOC Scheme on Nonuniform Grids for the Convection-diffusion ProblemsInternational Journal of Computer Mathematics,   Vol. 94, pp. 2356—2372, 2017. (IF=1.054, Rank=111/252@ Mathematics, Applied, Q2)
  20. *(X. Lin, M. Ng, and H. SunA multigrid method for linear systems arising from time-dependent two-dimensional space-fractional diffusion equations,  Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 336, pp. 69--86, 2017. (IF=2.864Rank=3/55 @ Physics, Mathematical, Q1 & in top 10%)
  21. 2016

  22. *(Q. Sheng and H. SunStability of a modified Peaceman-Rachford method for the paraxial Helmholtz equation on adaptive gridsJournal of Computational Physics, Vol. 325, pp. 259--271, 2016. (IF=2.864Rank=3/55 @ Physics, Mathematical, Q1 & in top 10%)
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  24. (H. Pang and H. SunFourth order finite difference schemes for time-space fractional sub-diffusion equationsComputer Mathematics with Applications, Vol. 71, pp. 1287--1302, 2016.  (IF=1.86, Rank=34/252@ Mathematics, Applied, Q1)
  25. (J. Liu, Y. Huang, H. Sun, and M. Xiao) Numerical methods for weak solution of wave equation with van der Pol type boundary conditionsNumerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Vol. 32, pp. 373--398. 2016.  (IF=1.305, Rank=78/252 @ Mathematics, Applied, Q2)
  26. (H. Pang and H. SunFast numerical contour integral method for fractional diffusion equations, Journal of Scientific Computing, Vol. 66, pp. 41--66, 2016. (IF=1.814, Rank=39/252 @ Mathematics, Applied, Q1)
  27. 2015

  28. *(R. Ke, M. Ng, and H. SunA fast direct method for block triangular Toeplitz-like with  tri-diagonal block systems from time-fractional partial  differential equations, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 303, pp. 203--211, 2015. (IF=2.864Rank=3/55 @ Physics, Mathematical, Q1 & in top 10%)
  29. (X. Lu, H. Sun, and H. Pang) Fast approximate inversion of a block triangular Toeplitz matrix with applications to fractional sub-diffusion equations, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications. Vol. 22, pp. 866--882, 2015. (IF=1.281, Rank=39/309 @ Mathematics, Q1)
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  36. 2014

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  43. Before 2014

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