Zhi LIU  劉志
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Academic Qualifications
Working experience

8/2018-Present Associate Professor in Mathematics, University of Macau
8/2012-7/2018Assistant Professor in Mathematics, University of Macau
9/2011-7/2012 Assistant Professor in Economics, Xiamen University
1/2011-8/2011 Research Associate, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology


Courses taught in recent 5 years

Ph.D students supervised

Master students supervised


Research Interests

Research Grants

External Grants

  1. Studying the non-synchronous trading under ultra-high frequency (1/6/2018-31/5/2021), Macau Government, FDCT 202/2017/A3, MOP $917,000. Sole PI.
  2. Efficient Estimation of Spot Volatility under General Jump Process (01/06/2017-31/05/2020), Macau Government, FDCT127/2016/A3, MOP $1,043,725. Sole PI.
  3. Efficient Estimation of Volatility Matrix under Presence of Infinite Variation Jumps with Applications (01/01/2015-31/12/2017), NSFC No.11401607, RMB 220,000. PI. (Co-PI: Jacky So, University of Macau)
  4. FDCT Special Equipment Fund, Macau Government, FDCT043/2014/SA, MOP $204,120.
  5. Inference on Volatility Matrix of Big Data with Applications, (01/06/2014-31/05/2017), Macau Government, FDCT078/2013/A3, MOP $1,171,000. Sole PI.
  6. Statistical Inference of High Frequency Data with Implementation (01/08/2013-31/12/2015), Macau Government, FDCT078/2012/A3, MOP $734,000. PI. (Co-PIs, Xiong Jie, Ding Deng and Shu Lianjie, University of Macau)

Internal Grants

  1. Joint Laplace Transform of Volatility Matrix, (1/1/2019-31/12/2021), MYRG from University of Macau, MYRG2018-00107-FST, MOP $588,000. Sole PI.
  2. Inference on High Frequency Data: Some New Problems, (01/04/2015-31/03/2018), MYRG from University of Macau, MYRG2015-00184-FST, MOP $840,000. Sole PI.
  3. Studying Higher Order Moments of Daily Returns under High Frequency, (01/04/2014-31/03/2017), MYRG from University of Macau, MYRG2014-00001-FST, MOP $840,000. Sole PI.
  4. Statistical Inference of Semi-martingale with High Frequency Data, (01/11/2012-31/10/2013), Startup fund from University of Macau, SRG023-FST12-LZ, MOP $100,000. Sole PI.

Conference Grants

  1. Annual Meeting of Asian Finance Association (25/06/2016–28/06/2016), CGFST008-2016-LZ, MOP$10,520.
  2. World Finance Conference (02/07/2014–04/07/2014), CG023-FST2014-LZ, MOP$20,400.
  3. World Finance & Banking Symposium (16/12/2013–17/12/2013), CG197-FST2013-LZ, MOP$11,850.
  4. Asian Finance Association Annual Meeting (15/07/2013–17/07/2013), CG121-FST2013-LZ, MOP $11,300.


Refereed journal articles

  1. WANG Li, LIU Zhi and XIA Xiao-chao (2018). Realized Laplace Transform of Volatility with Microstructure Noise, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics. Accepted.
  2. WAN Yi, LIU Zhi and DENG Min (2018). Empirical-likelihood-based test for equality of two distributions using distance of characteristic functions, Statistics. Accepted.
  3. WANG Li, LIU Zhi and XIA Xiaochao (2018). Realized Laplace Transforms for Pure Jump Semi-martingales with Presence of Microstructure Noise, Soft Computing. To appear.
  4. HU Jiang, LI Weiming, LIU Zhi and ZHOU Wang (2018). High-dimensional covariance matrices in elliptical distributions with application to spherical test. To appear in Annals of Statistics.
  5. Yuta KOIKE and LIU Zhi (2018). Asymptotic properties of the realized skewness and related statistics. To appear in Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics.
  6. LIU Yi-ming, LIU Zhi and ZHOU Wang (2018). A test for equality of two distributions via integrating characteristic functions. To appear in Statistica Sinica.
  7. LIU Zhi, XIA Xiaochao, ZHOU Guoliang (2018). Pre-averaging estimate of high dimensional integrated covariance matrix with noisy and asynchronous high-frequency data. Random Matrices: Theory and Applications. 1850005.
  8. LIU Zhi, KONG Xin-bing and JING Bing-yi (2018). Estimating the integrated volatility using high frequency data with zero durations, Journal of Econometrics. 204, 18-32
  9. LIU Qiang, LIU Yiqi and LIU Zhi and WANG Li (2018). Estimation of spot volatility with superposed noisy data, North American Journal of Economics and Finance. 44, 62-79.
  10. LIU Qiang, LIU Yiqi and LIU Zhi (2017). Efficient estimation of spot volatility with presence of infinite variation jumps. To appear in Stochastic Processes and their Applications.
  11. KONG Xin-bing, LIU Zhi, ZHAO Peng and ZHOU Wang (2017). SURE estimates under dependence and heteroscedasticity, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 161, 1-11.
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Refereed conference proceedings

  1. Liu Zhi, Wang Kent and Liu Jun-wei (2013). Realized skewness at high frequency and link to conditional market premium, Proceedings 59th ISI World Statistics Congress, 3982-3987.

Book Chapter

  1. LIU Zhi, Zhong Hua-chao (2013). On estimating co-volatility with non-synchronous high frequency data. Statistical Review, 7, 67-77. Beijing Economic Science Press. In Chinese.


University and Faculty service

  1. Member of Master Students Recruitment Committee (2012-present)
  2. Member of PhD students Recruitment Committee (2014-2015, 2017-)
  3. Member of Department Self-Review Report Drafting Committee (2014-2015)
  4. Chair of Mathematical Modeling Advisory Committee (2015-present)
  5. Affiliate of East Asia College (2015-present)
  6. Supervisor committee of final year project of Honours College (2015, 2016)
  7. Supervisor of final year project of Department of Mathematics (2016)
  8. Member of New Staff Committee (2012)
  9. Member of University Staff Basket Ball Team (2013-2014)
  10. Member of organization committee of the 2015 UM Workshop on Probability and Statistics (2015)

External service

Professional Societies
  1. Member of Asian Finance Association
  2. Member of Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  3. Member of The Econometric Society
  4. Reviewer of Mathematical Review
Anonymous referee for the Journals
  1. Annals of Statistics, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, Econometric Theory, Journal of Time Series Analysis, Electrical Journal of Probability, Electrical Journal of Statistics, Science in China, Communication in Statistics–Theory and Method, Communication in Statistics–Simulation and Computation, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Applied Mathematics–a Journal of Chinese Universities, Economics Research International, The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Soft Computing, Accounting and Finance.

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Macau, China

Room: E11-3072
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