Zhixin YANG  楊志新
Associate Professor
Director of Research Services and Knowledge Transfer Office

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Academic Qualifications
Working Experience
Honours and Awards
  1. The State Scientific Innovation and Pioneer Award 榮獲中央批准設立的首屆【全國創新爭先獎】. As a State level honour in China for science and technology, this award is for recognizing citizens who have made remarkable contributions to the scientific research, key equipment development, and science popularizations, 2017.
  2. Specially Invited Executive Member, Guangdong Association of Science and Technology (廣東省科學技術協會第八屆委員會澳門特邀委員), 12/2015-present.
  3. Specially Invited Executive Member, Guangzhou Association for Science and Technology (GZAST), (廣州市科學技術協會第十屆委員會特邀委員)02/2017-present.
  4. Member of Standing Committee, Guangdong Association of Young Scientist (廣東省青年科學家協會常務理事), 05/2015-present.
  5. Adjunct professor, College of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Beijing University of Science and Technology (Zhuhai), (北京理工大學珠海分校兼職教授), 04/2012 - Present.
  6. First Prize in Southern-China competition, and Nominee prize in global finals (Teacher), S.-T. Yau High School Science Award (Mathematics), 丘成桐中學科學獎(數學)南部賽區一等獎,全球總決賽提名獎(指導教師), 2017.12.
  7. First prize award (Supervisor), The Fourth Central South China, Hong Kong and Macau Undergraduate’s Creative Design and Manufacturing Competition, 2009.
  8. Third prize award (Supervisor), 11th National Challenge Cup - National College Science and Technology Competition, 2009.
  9. Macau expert and coach of Macau team, 38th World Professional Skill Competition, Finland, Manufacturing Trade, 2008.
  10. Champion (Macau expert and coach of Macau team), The 2nd Guangzhou/Hong Kong/Macau Youth Skills Competition - Manufacturing Trade, 2004.


B.Sc. Courses

  1. Computer Aided Design (EMEB221) (MECH403)
  2. Computer Aided Manufacturing (MECH412)
  3. Communication System and Data Network (MECH484)
  4. Advanced Manufacturing (EMEB350)
  5. Industrial Data Management (EMEB361)
  6. Facility Management (EMEB380)
  7. Design Project (EMEB410)

M.Sc. Courses

  1. Computer-Integrated Design and Manufacturing (IMEM006)
  2. Product Design and Management (ELME735)
  3. Modeling and Analysis of Production Systems (EMEN7036)
  4. Introduction to Research (IMEM002)
  5. Master Thesis (ELME799)
Ph.D. Courses
  1. Advanced Topic in Electromechanical Engineering I (ELME803)
  2. Doctoral Thesis (ELME899)


Research Interests

Prof. Yang’s work focuses on health monitoring, robot, and artificial intelligence based safety monitoring for smart city. Fundamental research studies condition monitoring of engineering signals (such as vibration, acoustic, lubrication particles, electrical, etc.), and operating status (such as thermography, shape image) to diagnosis and prognosis faults in various engineering systems. Critical research includes 3D shape recognition and vision based robot system for mobile monitoring in IoTs environment. Special areas include:

Recent Research Projects

Recruitment of Postdoc/ RA/ PhD Student:

Selected Publications (2012- )

Refereed Journal Papers (* means corresponding author)

  1. Bao, R.J. Rong H.J. Yang, Z.X. Chen, B.D. A Novel Prognostic Approach for RUL Estimation with Evolving Joint Prediction of Continuous and Discrete States. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. In Press. DOI: 10.1109/TII.2019.2896288 (SCI, Q1)
  2. Tang, L.L, Yang, Z.X.*, Jia, K. Canonical Correlation Analysis Regularization: An Effective Deep Multi-View Learning Baseline for RGB-D Object Recognition. IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Vol. 11. No. 1, pp 107-118.  2019. DOI: 10.1109/TCDS.2018.2866587 (SCIE, Q2)
  3. Ding, B., Yang, Z.X.*, Zhang, G., and Xiao, X. Design of Reconfigurable Planar Micro-Positioning Stages Based on Function Modules. IEEE ACCESS, 2019, Vol. 7, pp 15102-15112. (SCIE, Q1)
  4. Yang, Z.X., Wang, X.B., Wong, P.K. Single and Simultaneous Fault Diagnosis with Application to a Multistage Gearbox: A Versatile Dual-ELM Network Approach. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. PP. Issue. 99. 2018. (SCI, Q1)
  5. Ren, X.H., Lyu, L., He, X. W., Cao, W., Yang, Z.X., Sheng, B., Zhang, Y.C, Wu, E.H., Biorthogonal Wavelet Surface Reconstruction Using Partial Integrations. Computer Graphics Forum, Pacific Graphics 2018, Vol 37(2018), Num 7, pp 1-12. (SCIE, Q1)
  6. Wong P. K., Gao X. H., Wong K. I., Vong C. M., Yang Z-X, Initial-Training-Free Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine Based Adaptive Engine Air-fuel Ratio Control, International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics. DOI: 10.1007/s13042-018-0863-0. (SCIE, Q2)
  7. Wang, X.B., Yang, Z.X.*, Wong, P.K., Deng, C. Novel paralleled extreme learning machine networks for fault diagnosis of wind turbine drivetrain. Memetic Computing. (2018). DOI: 10.1007/s12293-018-0277-2 (SCIE, Q2)
  8. Yang, Z.X., Tang, L.L. Zhang, K. Wong, P.K. Multi-view CNN Feature Aggregation with ELM Auto-Encoder for 3D Shape Recognition. Cognitive Computation, Vol. 10, Issue 6, pp 908–921. (DOI: 10.1007/s12559-018-9598-1) (SCIE, Q1)
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  10. Wang, X.B., Yang, Z.X.*, Yan, X.A. Novel Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Variational Mode Decomposition Method for the Fault Diagnosis of Complex Rotating Machinery. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, Vol. 23, no. 1, pp.68-79, 2018. DOI: 10.1109/TMECH.2017.2787686. (SCI, Q1)
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  13. Liang, J., Zhong, J.-H., and Yang, Z.-X. Correlated EEMD and Effective Feature Extraction for Both Periodic and Irregular Faults Diagnosis in Rotating Machinery. Energies 2017, 10(10), 1652; DOI: 10.3390/en10101652 (SCIE, Q2).
  14. Zhang, L., Jha, S.K., Yang, Z.X, Zhao, Z.B., and Tiwari, B.N. (Edition) Machine Intelligence in Signal Sensing, Processing, and Recognition, Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, vol. 2017, Article ID 6168207, 2017. DOI: 10.1155/2017/6168207. (ESCI).
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Books /Periodical/ Book Chapter Contributions

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Refereed Conference Papers
  1. Yang, Z.X., Luo, Z.Y. Faults Diagnosis under Time-varying Speed Conditions with Combination of Order Tracking and Extreme Learning Machines. The IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEE IEEM2018), Bangkok, Thailand. Dec 16-19, 2018.
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Research Promotion Activities for Technology Transfer of Scientific Achievements of UM/Macau

Professional Editorship and Service

  1. Editor, Macau Association for Promotion Science and Technology", ever published three conference proceedings.
  2. Guest Editor, Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 12/2016-08/2017.
  3. Member of Advisory Board, IoP 2018: International Conference on Internet of People, Guangzhou, China, 07-10 October 2018.
  4. Member of International Program Committee, the 2018 International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing and Internet of Things & International Conference on Intelligent Computing for Sustainable Energy and Environment (IMIOT 2018 & ICSEE 2018), Chongqing, China, 21-23 September 2018.
  5. General Chair of Organizing Committee, the 13th Asia Pacific Internet Research Alliance (APIRA) Conference, and Macao Big Data Forum 2016, held in University of Macau from 22-23 September 2016.  The event is co-organized with University of Macau, and under the support of Rectorship of UM.
  6. Technical Program Committee Chair, 2012 International Conference on Advance Materials Design and Mechanics (ICAMDM2012), Xiamen, China Jun.5-7, 2012.
  7. Member of Organizing Committee, The 2nd International Conference on Computational Mechanics and Design Engineering (ICCMDE 2012), Shanghai, Nov 2012.
  8. Member of Organizing Committee, 2010 IEEE Int. Conf. on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Macau, Dec 2010.
  9. Member of review panel in “Inner Design of Macau Stadium in 2010 Shanghai World Expo”, organized by Macau government, Jan-Dec 2009.
  10. Conference Session Chairman
  11. Reviewer of reputable Journals and Conferences.

University Services

  1. Secretary, Research Committee of University of Macau, 06/2018-present.
  2. Member, FST Space & Facilities Support Committee, 05/2016-present.
  3. Person-in-Charge, FST Internship Programme Advisory Committee, 07/2016-present.
  4. Person-in-Charge, FST Summer Camp Programme, 07/2016-present.
  5. Person-in-Charge, FST Dean’s List Final Year Project Exhibition, 03/2017-present.
  6. College Affiliate, Lui Che Woo College, 08/2015-present.
  7. Member, new undergraduate (UG) curriculum working committee of EME for the programme of Engineering Management and Industrial Engineering, 12/2015-present.
  8. Member, participating in all of the Faculty's Academic Council Meetings, 2003 – present.
  9. Academic staff-in-charge of  Innovative Design & Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory (CAD/CAM Laboratory) , 2003 –present.
  10. Member, Departmental Safety Committee of EME, 2012-present.
  11. Member, Admission Consulting Committee of EME Master programme, 2014-present.
  12. Coordinator, Organizing Committee of UM’s innovative research projects (from FST, AMSV, ICMS) for promotion in the “2017 3rd China Innovation and Technology Fair”, Guangzhou, May 2017.
  13. Coordinator, Organizing Committee of UM’s innovative research projects (from FST, AMSV, ICMS) for promotion in the “2016 2nd China Innovation and Technology Fair”, Guangzhou, May 2016.
  14. Coordinator, Organizing Committee of UM’s innovative research projects (from FST, AMSV, ICMS) for promotion in the “2015 1st China Innovation and Technology Fair”, Guangzhou, May 2015.
  15. PI or Co-PI of EME/FST summer camps, organized yearly with fund support from FDCT in 2010-2016.
  16. FST representative, Information and Education Technology Committee of UM, 2008-2010.
  17. EME representative, FST Pedagogic Council, 2004-2006.
  18. Serving as member/chairman of the Oral Examination Committee, Thesis Proposal Assessment, and Qualify Examination Committee for more than 30 PhD/Master students, 2006-present.
  19. Mentor, The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) - China/Macao S.A.R at University of Macau, 2008-2012.
  20. Mentor, The Faculty Mentorship Program of UM, 2008-2013.
  21. Representative of FST, School briefing in local high schools, 2011-2012.
  22. Representative of FST, delegate of UM of visiting Chinese University for program promotion and recruiting PG students. 09/2009 and 09/2010.
  23. Member of working committee, organizing FDCT sponsored EME/FST projects for the exhibition in the "Science Week of Macau". (2007, 2010, 2013, 2015).
  24. Coordinator, the FST laboratory visit of the Delegate of Guangzhou Scientific Innovation Committee, 9 Sep 2016.
  25. Assist the Dean of FST to contact with the Guiyang Big Data Exchange Institute for membership application regarding University of Macau joining the “China Big Data Exchange Joint Laboratory”, 2016.
  26. Coordinator and Companion the visiting of the delegates of China Asso of Sci and Tech (Asso Leaders and Academicians) to University of Macau nearly every year since 2004 to Present.

Selected Community Service

  1. The series of “Distinguished Chinese Scientist Talk”, hosted by Macau Asso for Promotion Sci and Tech (MAPST) and China Asso of Sci and Tech (CAST), and co-organized by local organizations, which popularized science to more than 5,000 students and citizens.  (「傑出華人科學家公開講座」每年由中國科協和澳門科協聯合主辦,本澳大學和機構協辦)
    a. Chair of Organizing Committee, 2011-2018.
    b. Member of Organizing Committee, 2007-2010.
    c. Moderator, 2004-2006.
  2.  Forum for Collaborative Innovation of Cross Straits, Hong Kong and Macao, hosted by Macau SAR Government and  China Asso of Sci and Tech (CAST). (擔任由澳門特區政府與中國科協主辦的「海峽兩岸暨港澳協同創新論壇」籌委會成員).
    a. Member of Organizing Committee,  2017 Forum for Collaborative Innovation of Cross Straits, Hong Kong and Macao
    b. Member of Organizing Committee,  2015 The First Forum for Collaborative Innovation of Cross Straits, Hong Kong and Macao.
  3. Invited Lecture and member of organizing committee, participating “The Expert Entering School/Community Campaign” and delivered scientific popularization lecturing entitled as “Versatile 3D Technologies: from modeling, recognition to printing” in several local high schools. (Macau Pui Va School,  Kwong Tai Middle School, Keang Peng School). 02/2017-04/2017. 專家走進社區、校園科普活動.
  4. Member of Organizing Committee and Referee, I-SWEEEP, The International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering, and Environment) Project, Co-organized by  Macau Asso for Promotion Sci and Tech, and University of Macau, 05/2016-05/2017. (擔任澳門科協與澳門大學合辦的「國際可持續發展專案奧林匹克競賽」組委會成員及評審委員).
  5. Vice Chairman, The Association for Promotion of Industry and Commerce of Tanzhou Macau (2012-present)
  6. Member of election committee,  “Collection of Creative plan of Inner Design of Macau Stadium in 2010 Shanghai World Expo”, which was organized by the “Preparation Office of Macau Government”.  擔任【2010上海世界博覽會澳門館內部展示方案創意策劃徵集活動】的評審委員。
  7. Member of Organizing Committee and Referee, Scientific Popularization Reading Award Competition for Primary and Secondary School, organized by  Macau Asso for Promotion Sci and Tech, 05/2006-present. (擔任澳門科協主办的「中小学生科普阅读奖励活动」組委會成員及評審委員)
  8. Member of working committee, organizing MAPST’s scientific popularization projects for the exhibition in the "Science Week of Macau", 2010 - present.
  9. Referee (every year), the Secondary School Knowledge Competition of Banco Delta sia Trophy “匯業杯中學生常識問答比賽", 2004-Present.

Professional Service

  1. Organizing Local Scientific Associations to Attend the Annual Meeting of China Asso of Sci and Tech (CAST), (組織澳門科技界代表團參加中國科協年會)
    a)   Member of Organizing Committee, 20th Annual Meeting, Hangzhou, 2018;
    b)   General-Secretary of Organizing Committee, 19th Annual Meeting, Changchun, 05/2017;
    c)   Vice General-Secretary of Organizing Committee, 18th Annual Meeting, Xian, 09/2016;
    d)   Member of Organizing Committee, 17th Annual Meeting, Guangzhou, 05/2015;
    e)   Member of Organizing Committee, 16th Annual Meeting, Kunming, 05/2014;
  2. Coordinator, organizing Macau representatives from UM, FDCT, CPTTM and MAPST, to participate the “China four districts of Cross-Straits forum on the Standardization of Robot” hosted by CAST and CSI, Shenyang, Sep 2016.
  3. Member of Advisory Committee (Macau), Referee for National Young Scientific Innovation Contest (獲澳門區推薦成為全國青少年科技創新大賽專家評委), 04/2017-present.

External Professional Affiliations

  1. Vice President, The Association for Promotion of Science & Technology of Macau. (澳門科學技術協進會 副理事長兼秘書長) 2016-present.
  2. General Secretary, The Association for Promotion of Science & Technology of Macau. (澳門科學技術協進會秘書長) 2007-present.
  3. Vice President, The Metalworking Education Association of Central South China Area and Hong Kong & Macau SAR. (中南地區港澳特區金工研究會副理事長). 2008-Present.
  4. Vice President, Macau Association for Promotion of High Education (澳門高等教育發展促進會 副理事长), 2016-Present.
  5. Member of the Board of Supervisors, Macau Association of New Vision, 2010-present.
  6. Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 2000-present.
  7. Member, Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), 2000-present.
  8. Member, Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), 2014-present.

Contact Details

Department of Electromechanical Engineering
Faculty of Science and Technology
University of Macau, E11
Avenida da Universidade, Taipa,
Macau, China

Room: N6-5011
Telephone: (853) 8822-4456
Fax: (853) 8822-8314
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