UM FST Forum on Scientific and Biomedical Computing (2023.03.19-21)
澳門大學科技學院科學與生物醫學計算論壇 (2023.03.19-21)

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Timetable (21 March 2023, Tuesday @E11-G015)


Time Speaker Title Chair
1 13:55-14:00

Xiao-Chuan Cai,

University of Macau

General Remarks Li Luo
2 14:00-14:15

Rongliang Chen

Chinese Academic of Sciences

High-resolution Hemodynamic Simulation of an Artificial Pump-lung with High Performance Computing
3 14:15-14:30

Yingzhi Liu

University of Macau

Vortex Structure and Rupture of Aneurysm
4 14:30-14:45

Zhengzheng Yan

Chinese Academic of Sciences

Computational Fluid Dynamics in Human Nasal Air Flow
5 14:45-15:00

Yujie Gong

University of Macau

A Mixed Reality Environment for the Modeling of Heart
6 15:00-15:15

Yi Jiang

Chinese Academic of Sciences

A Nonlinear Preconditioning Technique for the Modeling of Heterogeneous Hyperelastic Cardiac Tissues
  15:15-15:30   Break  
7 15:30-15:45

Li Luo

University of Macau

Machine Learning and Nonlinear Preconditioning Xiao-Chuan Cai
8 15:45-16:00

Lei Xu

Chinese Academic of Sciences

A Parallel Discrete Unified Gas Kinetic Scheme on Unstructured Grid for High-speed Compressible Flow Simulation
9 16:00-16:15

Jing-Yuan Wang

University of Macau

A Fully Implicit Runge-Kutta Method with Schwarz Preconditioning for Stokes Flows in 3D Arteries
10 16:15-16:30

Linyan Gu

Chinese Academic of Sciences

Approximation Properties of Neural Networks
11 16:30-16:45

Shanlin Qin

Chinese Academic of Sciences

Blood Flow Simulation in Human Artery: Algorithm and Application
12 16:45-17:00

Zeng Lin

Chinese Academic of Sciences

CA Highly Parallel Simulation of Porous Media Flow in Liver Tissue


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