Under the influence of the Covid-19, guiding Macau students to start their business – from craft beer breweries to the business of cat litter and cat-face recognition system

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Dr. Yu Ming TANG

Senior Instructor,

Department of Physics and Chemistry, FST



Universities are the major force and platform that drive innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialisation of scientific research results in Macao. In this talk, speaker will introduce the Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) initiated project on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Project and Industry-University-Research Partnership Project, hence reviewing the role of Resident College (RC) on these projects. For instance, cooperating with Faculty of Health Science of the University of Macau to study the anticancer effects of tea catechins alone or in combination with tyrosine kinase inhibitors in various in vitro and in vivo non-small cell lung cancer models. Cooperating with the Computing Science team in Shantou University to develop a face recognition system for cats which aim to monitor the numbers of abundant cats systematically.


Dr. Tang Yu Ming obtained his Ph.d in Physics from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His subspecialty interests’ areas include gas-sensing technology, switchable mirror, vacuum technology, materials characterization, Nano-technology…etc. After graduation, he became a Resident Fellow in the Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) in the University of Macau. He guided the teams in CYTC to participate in different kind of innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. The teams started several companies including the unique craft beer brewery in Macau – 2048 Funny eye brewery, 3D Kung Fu modeling company – Fit Me, STEM education – 4Cs Education (Macau) Limited, cat litter company converting Brewer Spent Grain BSG into cat litter – BioPeTech (Macau) Limtiada. From Aug 2019 to present, the teams won 18 awards of innovation and entrepreneurship competitions including the Silver Award of 2019 Macau Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition, the championship of 2020 Bank of China Trophy One Million Dollar Macao Regional Entrepreneurship Competition etc.


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