Che Weng Keong, Head of Technology Department of The Economic and Technological Development. Bureau (DSEDT) led a group of representatives to visit the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of the University of Macau (UM) today (April 7). The two parties discussed the challenges and opportunities regarding the transformation of Macao’s scientific research achievements, the cultivation of scientific talents and the cooperation between Hengqin and Macao. The two parties hopes to exchange views on such issues in the future, so as to ensure the implementation of scientific research and enable Macao to develop innovation and technology steadily in Macao.

Xu Chengzhong, Dean of FST, Cai Xiaochuan, Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies), Ma Shaodan, Assistant  Director of the State Key Laboratory of Smart City Internet of Things (IoTSC), Yang Zhixin, Director of the Research Service and Knowledge Transfer Office, and a group of professors from FST extended their warm welcome to the representatives of DSEDT. Prof Xu Chengzhong, Prof Cai Xiaochuan and Prof Ma Shaodan introduced the scientific development of FST and IoTSC, as well as the university’s industry-university-research platform of Macao. In addition, FST professors introduced their research and ideas for transformation. They also expressed the challenges encountered in their research fields, and proposed solutions and new measures to solve these challenges with government departments. They wish that the government’s measures and legislation could be able to reach the development of scientific research and further improve the system for transforming scientific efforts and cultivating talents. Mr Che Weng Keong also said that Macao can make good use of Hengqin’s resources to create a mature technology innovation system that can attract more competitive professionals and enterprises to come to Macao.





The two parties had an in-depth discussion on
Macao’s scientific development

Xu Chengzhong, Dean of FST warmly
welcomes the representatives of DSEDT

Che Weng Keong, Head of Technology
Department of DSEDT