In order to adapt the challenging needs of Macao Society, Department of Physics and Chemistry in Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Macau was established in November 2018, which has the full support from the Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering at the university. The department provides high-quality undergraduate programme, the Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and Chemistry (APC), which offers students a comprehensive grounding in physics and chemistry with a focus on their interdisciplinary applications. The scope of study for Physics and Chemistry overlaps with other scientific and engineering disciplines (e.g., materials science, environmental science, biomedical science and engineering, electronics, mechanical and manufacturing engineering) as well as tackling of global challenges such as energy production, health and well-being, food security and the use of natural resources. Unlike the traditional single-focus discipline, graduates with a degree in Applied Physics and Chemistry possess a unique qualification. They not only have a broad foundation of physics and chemistry principles, but also are trained in applying these principles to various fields with ability to solve complex real-life problems, which can help widen their career and research prospects.