On 11-12 July 2023, Department of Physics and Chemistry (DPC) of Faculty Science and Technology (FST) successfully hosted an exciting “Novel Eco-friendly Material Summer Camp 2023”for students from local secondary schools, with support of Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering (IAPME). 

In this 2-day summer camp, 30 local students from various secondary schools have joined this summer camp for a wide variety of activities for the eco-friendly material topic, including scientific talks, fun science experiment and competition, laboratory demonstrations, campus and lab tours, and other recreational activities. The participating students have a great opportunity to experience the scientific environment provided by the university of Macau, to understand DPC’s undergraduate program and UM’s state-of-the-art equipment. More importantly, the students had a unique opportunity to conduct experiments in the lab themselves, and operate the most advanced equipment under the guidance of professors and research postgraduate students.

Prof. Binmeng Chen, the chief organizer of this summer camp, gave an interesting scientific talk starting from our future trip to Mars, to novel eco-friendly construction techniques. Prof. Chen also introduced the novel 3D concrete printing technique, which the students were able to operate the 3D printers for fun competition themselves in Prof. Chen’s group. DPC department head Prof. Guichuan Xing and associate head Prof. Bingpu Zhou, both gave a welcome speech to the students and scientific talks on “Perovskite Solar Cell” and “Novel Superhydrophobic Material” respectively. Prof. Hongchao Liu gave a talk on “Invisible Harry Potter’s Cloak”.  Dr. Matthew Feng gave an introduction of superconducting materials with demonstration of “Magnetic levitation of high-Tc superconductor YBCO”.

These activities were well received by the participating students. Three groups of students were awarded for their great work and achievements during this summer camp.