Location E11-2031
Academic Staff in charge Prof. Junwen ZHONG
Technician Song On SHUM
Telephone (853) 8822-8766
Open Access Reservation Period Monday: 9:00 – 17:00


The research objectives include: (1) micro soft robotics-electronic insects for searching and rescuing missions, (2) flexible electromechanical sensors and actuators for human-machine interactivity applications, and (3) flexible electromechanical energy harvesters for constructing self-powered systems.


  1. High-speed camera (Phantom VEO 710)
  2. Voltage amplifier (PI E-464 PICA)
  3. Current Amplifier (Stanford SR570)
  4. Force Sensor (ATI Nano 43)
  5. Force Gauge (Mark 10-M7-025, Mark 10-M7-10)
  6. Electrical Source Meter (Keithley 6514, Keithley 2400)
  7. Vibrator (JZK-2, JZK-10)
  8. High Voltage Supply (DW-N503-4ACD2, DW-P503-4ACD2)
  9. Functional Generator (Keysight 33210A, YE1311-E, YE1311)
  10. Electrostatic Meter (Trek model 347)
  11. Digital Microscope (OLYMPUS BX53MTRF-S)
  12. Data Acquisition System (NI DAQ USB-6341)
  13. 3D Printer (Snapmaker A350)
  14. Optical Table (Newport M-LC-25-4)
  15. Software (LabVIEW)

Courses supported

EMEN3042 Sensors and Actuators
EMEN7024 Advanced Electromechanical Energy Conversion