Common Course

INTP300.Work-Integrated Education

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

CEEB110.Computer Science
CEEB111.Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEEB120.Civil Engineering Drawing
CEEB210.Kinematics and Dynamics
CEEB211.Mechanics of Materials
CEEB220.Fluid Mechanics
CEEB221.Mathematics for Civil Engineering
CEEB222.Construction Materials
CEEB223.Engineering Geology
CEEB224.Structural Analysis
CEEB310.Environmental Engineering I
CEEB311.Steel Design
CEEB312.Construction Management and Practice
CEEB313.Soil Mechanics
CEEB320.Environmental Engineering II
CEEB321.Reinforced Concrete Design
CEEB322.Foundation Engineering
CEEB350.Civil Engineering Hydraulics
CEEB351.Advanced Topics in Soil Mechanics
CEEB410.Civil Engineering Project I
CEEB411.Integrated Project Design
CEEB420.Civil Engineering Project II
CEEB450.Advanced Mechanics of Materials
CEEB451.Advanced Structural Analysis
CEEB452.Structural Vibrations
CEEB453.Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design
CEEB454.Structural Systems and Analysis
CEEB455.Selected Topics in Geotechnical Engineering
CEEB456.Earth Retaining Systems
CEEB457.Application of Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering
CEEB458.Introduction to Soil Improvement
CEEB459.Engineering Economics and Ethics
CEEB460.Construction Planning, Scheduling and Control
CEEB461.Construction Methods, Procedure and Equipment
CEEB462.Environmental Engineering III
CEEB463.Essentials to Environmental Biotechnology
CEEB464.Wastewater Treatment Engineering
CEEB465.Traffic Engineering
CEEB466.Transportation Planning and Public Transport System
CEEB467.Special Topics in Civil Engineering

Department of Computer and Information Science

CISB110.Programming Science
CISB111.Discrete Structures
CISB114.Introduction to Computer Science
CISB122.Probability and Statistics
CISB211.Computer Organization
CISB212.Numerical Methods and Computation
CISB213.Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures
CISB220.Compiler Construction
CISB221.Introduction to Database Systems
CISB222.Principles of Operating Systems
CISB223.Algorithm Design and Analysis
CISB250.Human-Computer Interaction
CISB251.Object- Oriented Analysis And Design Patterns
CISB310.Computer Networks
CISB320.Mobile Application Programming
CISB321.Web Programming
CISB351.Advanced Database Systems
CISB352.Computer Based Simulation
CISB353.Formal Languages and Automata
CISB355.Computer Graphics
CISB356.Distributed Computer Systems
CISB357.Digital Image Processing
CISB358.Artificial Intelligence
CISB363.Information Retrieval and Web Search
CISB364.Data and Information Visualization
CISB365.Multimedia Computing
CISB367.Cloud Computing and Big Data Systems
CISB368.Competition Programming and Problem Solving
CISB369.Formal Software Specification
CISB370.Multimedia Forensics and Security
CISB371.Software Testing
CISB410.Final Year Project
CISB411.Professionalism and Ethics in Computer Science
CISB450.Machine Learning
CISB451.Pattern Recognition
CISB454.Natural Language Processing
CISB457.Software Engineering Principles
CISB458.Software Project Management
CISB459.Special Topics in Computer and Information Science
CISB461.Information Security
CISB464.Entrepreneurship in Computer Science
CISB466.Computer Vision

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECEB110.Digital Systems
ECEB111.Introduction To Electrical And Computer Engineering
ECEB120.Information Technology Revolution And Electronics
ECEB121.Embedded Systems
ECEB122.Circuit Analysis
ECEB150.Engineering In Society
ECEB210.Signals And Systems
ECEB211.Measurement and Instrumentation
ECEB220.Electric Machines
ECEB221.Fundamental Electronics
ECEB222.Discrete Structure
ECEB251.Numerical Method and Computation
ECEB252.Probability and Statistics
ECEB253.Linear Algebra For ECE
ECEB255.Semiconductor Device Physics
ECEB256.Computer Programming and Network Fundamentals
ECEB257.Introduction To Electro-Robot Design
ECEB310.Applied Electronics
ECEB311.Digital Signal Processing
ECEB320.Control Systems
ECEB321.ECE Seminars
ECEB350.Introduction To Biomedical Engineering
ECEB351.Fundamental Bio-Electricity
ECEB352.Biomedical Electronics
ECEB353.Introduction to Biomedical Signal Analysis
ECEB354.Power Electronics
ECEB355.Power Systems Analysis
ECEB356.Power Quality and Energy Saving
ECEB357.Power Electronics Design and Implementation
ECEB358.Electric Drive
ECEB359.Principles of Communication Systems
ECEB360.RF and Microwave Techniques for Wireless Systems
ECEB361.Antenna Theory and Applications in Wireless Communications
ECEB362.Cellular Communication Network Design and Optimization
ECEB363.Introduction to Wireless Technology for Digital Game
ECEB364.Advanced Topics in Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design
ECEB365.Introduction to Data Converters
ECEB366.Introduction to Radio-Frequency Circuits And Systems
ECEB368.Analog Integrated Circuit Design
ECEB369.Multimedia Technology
ECEB410.Design Project I
ECEB420.Design Project II
ECEB450.Digital Control
ECEB451.Special Topic in ECE
ECEB452.Biomedical Measurement and Instrumentation
ECEB453.Introduction to Biomedical Imaging
ECEB454.Renewable Energy Conversion
ECEB455.Power System Design and Implementation
ECEB457.Introduction to Wireless Sensing Network
ECEB458.Microwave and Millimeter Wave System Design

Department of Electromechanical Engineering

EMEB110.Engineering Drawing I
EMEB120.Engineering Drawing II
EMEB121.Engineering Materials
EMEB210.Strength of Materials
EMEB212.Manufacturing Technology
EMEB213.Electrical Engineering
EMEB221.Computer-Aided Design
EMEB222.Machine Elements
EMEB310.Production Management
EMEB311.Fluid Mechanics
EMEB312.Control Engineering
EMEB320.Heat Transfer
EMEB321.Computer Engineering
EMEB322.Society and The Engineer
EMEB350.Advanced Manufacturing
EMEB351.Advanced Materials for Engineering
EMEB352.Airconditioning and Refrigeration
EMEB353.Applications Of Vibration and Noise Control
EMEB354.Computer Technology in Engineering
EMEB355.Corrosion, Wear and Degradation and Materials
EMEB356.Electrical Services- Wiring and Installations
EMEB357.Electromechanical Energy Conversion
EMEB358.Electronics and Instrumentation
EMEB359.Finite Element Techniques in Engineering
EMEB360.Fundamentals of Automotive Engineering
EMEB361.Industrial Data Management
EMEB362.Intelligent Buildings
EMEB363.Internal Combustion Engines
EMEB367.Computational Fluid Dynamics
EMEB368.Engineering Management
EMEB369.Fire Protection Engineering
EMEB371.Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials and Basic Failure Analysis
EMEB372.Optimization Techniques and Their Applications in Engineering
EMEB373.Production Systems, Planning & Control
EMEB374.Special Topics in Electromechanical Engineering I
EMEB375.Special Topics in Electromechanical Engineering II
EMEB376.Theory of Mechanisms
EMEB377.Creative Industry
EMEB378.Electric Vehicles
EMEB379.Extra-Low-Voltage Electrical Systems in Buildings
EMEB380.Facility Management
EMEB381.Lighting Technology
EMEB382.Mechanical Processing of Materials
EMEB383.Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
EMEB384.Selection of Materials for Engineering Design
EMEB385.Sensors and Acyuators
EMEB386.Special Topics in Electromechanical Engineering III
EMEB387.Statics and Probability for Engineering
EMEB388.Surface Engineering and Coating Technology
EMEB389.Thermal Energy Transportation in Porous Media
EMEB410.Design Project

Department of Mathematics

MAEB214.Introduction to Education
MAEB215.Educational Psychology
MAEB216.Theories of Curriculum and Instruction (Secondary Mathematics)
MAEB223.Integrating It into Secondary Teaching and Learning
MAEB224.Philosophy of Education
MAEB313.Subject Based Teaching Methods (Secondary Mathematics) I
MAEB314.School Counselling and Guidance
MAEB321.Subject Based Teaching Methods (Secondary Mathematics) II
MAEB322.Learning Technology for Secondary Mathematics Teaching
MAEB410.Supervised Teaching and School Experience
MAEB411.Sociology of Education
MAEB421.Elementary Mathematics Teaching and Research
MAEB450.Educational Administration
MAEB451.Educational Evaluation
MAEB452.Research in Mathematics Education
MAEB453.Introduction to Special Education
MAEB454.Teacher Ethics and Teacher Professional Development
MATB110.Elementary Calculus
MATB111.Discrete Mathematics
MATB112.Linear Algebra I
MATB120.Intermediate Calculus
MATB122.Linear Algebra II
MATB210.Engineering Mathematics I
MATB211.Multivariable Calculus
MATB212.Mathematical Analysis I
MATB220.Engineering Mathematics II
MATB221.Mathematical Analysis II
MATB222.Applied Statistics
MATB225.Numerical Analysis
MATB226.Operations Research
MATB310.Ordinary Differential Equations
MATB311.Complex Analysis
MATB312.Elementary Number Theory
MATB315.Introduction to Stochastic Process
MATB320.Abstract Algebra
MATB323.Partial Differential Equations
MATB324.Mathematics Experiments
MATB325.Intorduction to Real Analysis and Hilbert Spaces
MATB350.Mathematical Analysis III
MATB351.History of Mathematics
MATB352.Introduction to Stochastic Calculus
MATB353.Time Series Analysis
MATB354.Applied Linear Algebra
MATB355.Numerical Matrix Analysis
MATB356.Introduction to Computational Intelligence
MATB357.Mathematical Modeling
MATB358.Topics In Applied Mathematics
MATB359.Research in Mathematics
MATB360.Introduction to Financial Mathematics
MATB412.Fourier and Signal Analysis

Chemistry Supporting Group

CHEM113.General Chemistry